The Response to Shelley Lubben's 'Dead Porn Stars Memorial' video

Author and commentator Jordan Owen responds to Shelley Lubben's 'Dead Porn Stars Memorial' video

Allow me to add that the single death (that of Taylor Summers) cited in Lubben's video which could actually be attributed to work in porn did not occur on a professional adult industry set. Instead she was murdered during or after the filming of an amateur bondage video shot in a Pennsylvania basement.


Shelley Lubben Confronted by Her Brother During Disastrous PornHarms Webcast

On April 20 & 21, 2012, Shelley Lubben appeared on a pair of PornHarms webcasts which were unmitigated disasters by any metric. Not only did the worldwide webcasts net no more than 30 viewers apiece, nearly half of those viewers consisted of Lubben's own Pink Cross cult members (including Jan Meza and Heather Jabornik), Morality In Media/PornHarms employees (including Dawn Hawkins), her critics (including her brother, Chris Moore), and even her own father, whom she has trashed in her fictionalized life story.

Lubben repeatedly asked for questions from viewers, but refused to answer any of the good ones -- such as when her brother asked, "Why didn't you mention all the love our parents showed you in your book?",  "I'd like to know if God was serious when He said 'Honor thy father and mother'?" and "Why won't you let your kids talk to their grandparents?"
Read the comment threads from the bottom up.

Lubben was furious about the disastrous webcasts, and decided to exact revenge on her brother, Chris, by interfering in his marriage.
Two days later, Chris reported:
I’ve seen acts of desperation from my sister Shelley before but this is a whole new level. The message below was sent to my in-laws last night over FB. The funny thing is, she sent one copy to my sister-in-law on accident, who was kind enough to forward it to me. Michael Whiteacre sex trafficks women??? lol
Dear Xxxx,
I know you to be a good Christian woman and I am kindly asking you to speak with your son in law about sabotaging my ministry. My name is Shelley Lubben, the daughter of Dennis and Sally Moore. This week is Porn Harms National Awareness Campaign where the top anti-pornography ministries get together and raise awareness about the harms of pornography and sex trafficking. During this campaign I did two LIVE stream online video discussions talking about the severe harms of sex trafficking in pornography and my brother Chris Moore interrupted each talk by posting hateful comments. Many of the people who were in the video chat to receive help told me Chris was such a major distraction that they felt they could not receive help. I have been patient with my brother as he attacks me viciously publicly but now he has gone too hurting people we are trying to help. It’s one thing if he wants to speak out about me publicly but it’s another to come into our video discussion and sabotage our work. Could you imagine if I went to Arlene’s work of Chris’s work and sent in vicious emails or made phone calls to their bosses to complain about Arlene or Chris? A true Christian would never act this way. I am hoping you, a godly woman will speak to Chris. I realize he is angry with me but to interrupt our campaign and my place of work while we are trying to help millions of people recover from the harms of pornography is unacceptable. I prayed about how to handle this in love and felt the LORD would have me reach out to you and your husband. I am truly sorry you even have to be involved with our family problems. But any help you can give in this situation is greatly appreciated. Many blessings on your family, Shelley Lubben
I also want to add that Chris has partnered with a well known pornographer and atheist Michael Whiteacre to sabotage my ministry. This man has followed me here in my home town and has made death threats against my family. I tried to warn my brother but he will not listen. I also tried to warn my parents but they have been influenced by my brother to associate with this pornographer. I can send you any proof you want to show that my brother is definitely consorting with a pornographer. I have proof of all of this. I understand Chris is mad with me but to partner with a man who is paid by the porn industry to sabotage my ministry and who sex trafficks women is unacceptable. I hope you can talk some sense into my brother. I very much still love him and want reconciliation. Through Christ, all things are possible. Thank you for taking time to read this. Shelley
Feel free to call me at 6617063XXX to discuss this matter. Thank you xxxx and xxxxxx for your time.

Naturally, Lubben's letter was full of lies: Whiteacre is neither an atheist nor a pornographer, has never followed her in Bakersfield or anywhere else, has never made death threats, and is not paid by the porn industry. And of course, Lubben's ridiculously over-the-top attempt at manipulating her brother's in-laws failed.

Train Wreck: Shelley Lubben at the Cambridge Union Porn Debate

Watch Shelley Lubben crash and burn at the February 17, 2011 Cambridge Union debate on pornography. Absolutely jaw-dropping

From the local news coverage of this debate:
When Ms Lubben took to the floor, arguably the headline act, her passion and anger hid her argument. The audience did not react well to this.
Resting on the lectern, her high-heeled shoe subconsciously beating on the floor, her impassioned attack on the porn industry strayed from the academic debate.
“There is nothing funny or glamorous about this industry," she said. "Pornography doesn’t do a good public service because it is lying to you. I have the evidence. It’s lying to you. It’s modern day slavery."

And with that, the Cambridge students voted for porn.

An official Pink Cross statement on the debacle illustrated that Lubben had learned nothing from the experience:
Cambridge University made their choice for porn over Jesus Christ. There was a time when that would have been unthinkable or shocking, but those of us who have been personally effected [sic] by the pornification of society know its lies are seductive and we are no longer shocked. Instead, we are anguished and we are grieving. Another shining city on a hill has been swept over by the tidal wave of pornography.

A full examination of the Cambridge Union debate, including interviews and commentary from debaters and audience members, will be included in a forthcoming episode of The Devil and Shelley Lubben.

Garrett Lubben Unemployed; Can Shelley Afford the Mortgage?

It’s known in porn industry circles as a “suitcase pimp tuxedo” – a black t-shirt, True Religion jeans and slick shades. The tall man wearing this familiar ensemble who stepped up and introduced himself at a Hollywood porn event this past June was Garrett Lubben, husband of ex-prostitute and failed porn performer Shelley Lubben. For over a year and a half, I’d been Mrs. Lubben’s fiercest critic. Garrett Lubben was no fan of mine, either.

I informed Garrett that an exploration of the couple’s early “wild” years together would be included in the third episode of my documentary, ‘The Devil and Shelley Lubben,’ and he said something that startled me:
“I was a great drug dealer,” Lubben bragged, “and now I’m a great salesman.”
As The Monkees once reminded the world, that was then and this is now; great salesman or not, Garrett Lubben’s online LinkedIn profile now confirms reports that, in October 2012, Lubben was ‘let go’ by his long-time employer, and has been unemployed since.
Garrett had worked in medical device sales for Boston Scientific since late 2003, and last year he had boasted to a reporter that the couple was psyched about the European vacation they’d be taking as a result of Garrett being a top salesman. God had blessed them, the Lubbens proclaimed, for being faithful and dedicated servants who do His good work. It was with palpable pride that these flashy Champions for Christ displayed the indicia of what Joel Osteen and proponents of the Prosperity Gospel would call “favor” with the Lord — including jewelry, matching ‘his and hers’ SUVs, and a $480,000 home in Bakersfield with all new furnishings. In photo after photo, life’s finer fripperies sat well upon them.

Here is a snapshot of Boston Scientific's share price since the firing of Garrett Lubben:

It wasn’t all that long ago — back in July 2011, nearly one year before boasting to me of his sales prowess — that Gary and Shelley had moved into their McMansion, and re-christened their previous home in Bakersfield the “Pink Cross Recovery Home” for “victims” of porn. The future looked rosy, and the fact that they had no license, no training in psychology, psychiatry or addiction counseling, and no qualified staff constituted insufficient deterrent for God’s chosen champions.
Later that same momentous July, Boston Scientific, which had been struggling since its acquisition of heart stent manufacturer Guidant Corp in 2006, announced a round of job cuts. The timing could not have been worse, but ultimately the Lubbens surely breathed a sigh of relief when, after the corporate axe fell, Garrett still retained his job, as well as his six-figure salary. Somebody up there liked them after all.
Then August brought truly indigestible news: Shelley’s benefactor, Michael Weinstein of AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), had kicked her and Pink Cross Foundation, the anti-porn group she and Garrett had founded in 2008, to the curb with a thud. Since joining up with AHF’s anti-porn crusade in 2009, Shelley’s endorsement by Weinstein’s well-financed organization had resulted in a boost to her credibility and ability to draw donors’ attention to her organization. Under Weinstein’s tutelage, wild-eyed Shelley almost passed for a reasonable spokesman for health and safety.
But Lubben’s disastrous appearance at a debate on pornography at Cambridge University in February 2011 (after which, according to Pink Cross insiders, Lubben spent time in a psychiatric ward), marked the beginning of a months-long downward spiral of PR missteps and what Weinstein termed “outrageous behavior” by Mrs. Lubben — such as being photographed having her breast autographed by porn star Ron Jeremy outside the toilet of a Burbank bar (after bidding $600 for a “date” with him) in April 2011, and being videotaped that summer praying in her backyard with a prophet’s 8-foot staff pointed at the sky.
Then, Shelley was publicly humiliated at a June 7th Cal/OSHA meeting in Los Angeles. Scores of adult performers, the group Lubben had long claimed as her constituency, turned up to shout her down and deride her, casting doubt upon all the claims and representations of AHF, which had endorsed her participation.
Weinstein recognized that Shelley was “a lightning rod for criticism,” and by August she had become more trouble than she was worth. Losing this association with AHF meant no more national press attention for Shelley and Pink Cross. It was a devastating blow, because the Lubbens’ Pink Cross fundraising efforts were dependent upon the broadest possible exposure.
By September 2011, things started to get even worse: the sole porn star in “recovery” at the Lubben house, Michelle Avanti, fled Bakersfield, and, in a video interview released the following month, charged abuse, exploitation and neglect by Shelley Lubben, whom she called a “con artist,” “manipulator” and “addict.” In the wake of the resultant negative publicity — compounded by a devastating YouTube video produced by Shelley’s own brother, posted on October 10th — and with no one actually “recovering” at their old house, the Lubbens decided to sell the property. Although they’d paid $300,000 for the house in 2004, and performed many thousands of dollars in renovations and improvements, the Lubbens listed the house for the bargain price of $189,000 on October 19th.
The house eventually sold in March 2012, and in April, Mrs. Lubben took to Facebook to attack her critics, whom she described as ‘enemies”:
“Some of you have been writing me to ask me if what my enemies say about me is true,” Shelley wrote. “I would lovingly advise you to look at the FRUIT. One thing my enemies have in common is that they have accomplished very little in life… Most if not all do not have a degree or even a steady job…. Examine the fruit my friends and you will know the truth!”
“Look at the FRUIT!” she commanded. “My enemies can’t hold a candle to all the Christ has done in my life.”
In other words, the proof that she was blessed, honorable and truthful, while her ‘enemies’ were accursed, evil and dishonest, lay in the fact that the Lubbens were prosperous.
Then, in August of this year, as if by karmic clockwork, Garrett’s employer announced a second round of cuts and restructuring, specifically targeting Boston Scientific’s cardiac divisions. Now, surely the Lord knows that the mortgage is due; does this turn of events mean that he has rescinded his blessing?
Does Garrett the breadwinner’s lack of employment explain why it took the Lubbens’ a month and a half to get the Pink Cross website repaired after it became infected with viruses?
At the end of June 2011, on the cusp of that glorious month when everything seemed to be going so right for the house of Lubben, outgoing Pink Cross team member April Garris was at an all-time low. “Not only was I financially destitute, getting kicked out of my home and about to lose my car,” she recalls at her blog, The Healing Diaries, “but I was struggling with severe depression, and the worst part – I was completely alone. Eight months earlier, I had packed up everything and basically dropped my whole life to move out to Bakersfield to work full-time for Pink Cross Foundation. By the end of my 8 months in Bakersfield, I was confused, hurt, and spiritually exhausted. What I was expecting to be an amazing experience serving God turned out to be a time of great distress, full of broken promises, spiritual confusion, heartache, and loneliness that I never would have imagined could be possible in ministry.”
Garris remembers that whenever she came to the Lubbens with her financial concerns, she would be told that she didn’t have enough faith. Shelley would remind her of “how God had blessed her and Garrett, and cited their great faith as reason for this.” Garrett and Shelley claimed they “were wealthy because they trusted God, and if we would just have faith, all of our needs would be met….”
Have faith, Mrs. Lubben. And when it comes to Garrett Lubben, look at the FRUIT!

When Gary Met Shelley:

Shelley Lubben's brother tells her "I don’t believe a word that comes out of your mouth"

It’s my understanding you contacted mom yesterday through email to warn her of a ‘dangerous’ pornographer who is ‘stalking’ you? It’s also my understanding you are claiming he threatened your life? Do you have any documented proof to substantiate your claims – dangerous, stalking, threatening life? If so, please forward it to me so I can see it for myself.
I need to correct you on a few things.
1) I didn’t fall for anything. 2) Michael Whiteacre didn’t contact me. 3) I contacted him. 4) I do not have a partnership with him, support pornography, did not sign a contract, receive payment or been given any special gifts or incentives. 5) My intent is to provide factual information of your past, our parents and my experience as your brother. This is information you have almost entirely left out of your book, tv interviews and Internet documentation. 6) I have made it very clear to Michael that I do not support pornography but I do support the truth being made public since so much untruth has been spread by you.
You are using a Christian platform to spread lies about our parents and your past so it seemed only fitting for me to use a secular one to spread the truth.
I want you to know that I am not ‘mad’ at you, I am furious with you. I’m not the one ‘dragging’ our whole family into the public spotlight. You have done an excellent job of that yourself. I have spoken many times to this man over the phone and he is not a psychopath. If anything he works with porn but he is coherent and concise in all of the information he gives; I cannot say the same about you. I have seen numerous videos of you on youtube where you are incoherent and belligerent. It is very reminiscent of the way you were 20 years ago.
I’m sorry Shelley but I don’t believe a word that comes out of your mouth. This is not because I’m being influenced by a ‘psychotic pornographer’. I have known you my entire life and you are a master manipulator. You once said I was ‘secretly jealous of you’—you don’t know how wrong you are. I feel sorry for you and hope one day you get the help you so desperately need.
Originally published October 6, 2011 at:

Shelley Lubben Attacked by Porn Star ‘Animals’ in Hollywood; Julia Ann Comments

Originally posted, June 3, 2012

Today was not a good day to be Shelley Lubben.
The scandal-plagued anti-pornography crusader attended a Hollywood Pet Adoption event to “raise awareness about porn” while promoting the documentary ‘After Porn Ends’, only to see it overrun by people who despise her and everything she stands for.
Led by Michael Whiteacre, creator of the documentary ‘The Devil and Shelley Lubben,’adult performers clad in shirts that read “Shelley Lubben Treats Porn Stars Like Animals,” quickly drove Lubben from the spotlight of the “Porn Stars for Puppies” gathering.
The sentiment on the shirts referred to Lubben’s recent attempt to explain away the abject failure of her sham organization, Pink Cross Foundation, by claiming that porn stars who reject her “help” are so sick they’re like wild animals who will bite you when you try to help them.

See the video

Attendees of today’s event included Ron Jeremy, Kiki Daire, Danny Wylde, Guy DiSilva (who, tragically, had to endure performing two porn scenes with Lubben back in the day), Alex Chance, Mary Carey, and Penthouse Pet turned Los Angeles radio personality Sam Phillips (who also narrates Whiteacre’s documentary). The heavy-lidded Lubben brought along her husband Garrett “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Lubben; her two youngest daughters/victims; a Pink Cross volunteer named Scott Smith who hid like an old woman; and Shelley’s assistant/Pink Cross director Melanie Dzierba.
Among the day’s highlights: two bizarre shouting matches between former drug dealer Garrett Lubben and Whiteacre (both instigated by Garrett “Mr. Wonderful” Lubben, and caught on video) in full view of the assembled press.
Back in the real world, adult film superstar, timeless beauty and dedicated animal rescuer Julia Ann was kind enough to share her thoughts on today’s events — during which a vile woman whose stock and trade is the dehumanization of adult performers got her due:
I woke up conflicted today knowing there was a pet adoption event that I wanted to be a part of but not wanting to feel anxiety over the particulars surrounding the event (the ‘Anti-Pornography Infant’ Shelley Lubben saga continues). When I was informed that this person was going to use an event that is to be about the saving of little lives to promote her negative, biased, fear-driven opinion (note I said opinion and not fact) I was insulted and, needless to say, disgusted.
For those that follow the animal holocaust that is happening on a daily basis in US animal shelters (gas chambers and all) with a staggering 5 to 6 million animals being murdered every year, that’s around 700 an hour. In the time it takes you to eat lunch 700 dogs and cats are killed because no one wanted them. 1 out of every 10 dogs and 1 out of 12 cats will find a permanent home. 10,000 people are born every day and 70,000 animals are born every day so do the math. There just aren’t enough good, loving homes.
Now that I’ve explained this heartbreaking truth I’m sure you can understand why some anti-pornography crusader using this event (where a select few critters may actually find love for the rest of their lives) to promote her baseless agenda makes me incensed. For her to show up and act like porn actresses are treated like animals in the shelter (the adult industry isn’t gassing any of us) is preposterous. These two events should never be equated to each other.
Shelley, how dare you make light of animal overpopulation and suffering? My home is constantly filled with these injured, sickly and betrayed creatures while we search for their forever homes, and the adult Industry is what pays for their medical care. Shame on you!
On a slightly different note, If it weren’t for the constant fight that the Porn Industry is engaged in, you (Shelley) might have lost the free speech rights that afford you the platform to spew your venom. What or who would you even be if you didn’t have the industry to hate so much, and who would even hear you? We are your entire identity.
Honestly, you should just say thank you to the Porn Industry and be about your way.
Julia Ann

Mr Wonderful & Mr Whiteacre

Alex Chance, Kiki Daire and Sam Phillips

Garrett Lubben watches impotently

See Pink Cross co-founder Garrett Lubben caught in his own lies:

Trailer: The Devil and Shelley Lubben, episodes 5 & 6

Lubben Family Values

It never gets old with Shelley Lubben. The latest is her “look how great my family is / give me money” Christmas letter to her inner circle.
When you read it, it’s hard to tell it was written by a alleged felon/scam artist who preys on Christian people and leads a double life as a porn loving anti porner with a pill and booze problem.
My favorite part of this boastful, downright bizarre, 2012 holiday letter is where Shelley Lubben of Pink Cross Foundation talks about taking her 12 to 13 year old 8th grader and her school friends toilet papering…
“We believe XXXXXXXX’s favorite time with friends is when they spend the night and they make Mommy take them toilet papering”
I know what you’re thinking – Sean, it’s only toilet papering. For the most part, I agree. When I was in high school I toilet papered houses all the time. Of course I didn’t take my 8th grade brother with me and I wasn’t a Christian Crusader using my holier than thou shtick to scam people out of cash. Oh, and I was never accused of defacing private property by two eye witnesses, either…

So here we have Dr. Shelley Lubben (LOL) not only teaching her kid that vandalism is cool, but brainwashing little Suzy from next door as well. Now I don’t know about you, but before the neighbors take my kids out to commit property crimes, I like the courtesy “Hey, Sean, I’m taking your kids over to the Vivid building for some quality crime time” phone call.
I’m sure Shelley Lubben loves her kids. Below is Mrs. Lubben teaching her kids about human anatomy, with Professor Ronald Jeremy assisting.

Clearly, Lubben is getting her clavicle signed. If it wasn’t her clavicle it would be considered lying and I’m sure Lubben would never lie to her children. That wouldn’t be very Christian-y.
Did I ever tell you about the time I took my kids to AEE to meet porn stars? No? Yea probably because it would never happen.
Anti porner and all around great mom Shelley Lubben thinks it's ok to bring minors to porn events. She took her kids to “Porn Stars for Puppies.” Now, granted my expertise lies elsewhere, but I think if you take your kids to an event called “Porn stars for Puppies,” they may run into porn stars.
I will leave you with a great video by Jordan Owen on Shelley Lubben: Family Values Advocate


Eyewitness: Shelley Lubben Vandalized Vivid Entertainment HQ

According to an eyewitness, in May of last year, Shelley Lubben of the scandal-plagued  anti-porn group Pink Cross Foundation vandalized the sign outside of Vivid Entertainment headquarters while drunk and high on prescription pills.
Tania Fiolleau of the Vancouver-based Save the Women Ministry recently emailed a letter to Vivid, explaining that in May 2012, following a dinner with the other keynote speakers for the Preventing Abuse Foundation , she saw Lubben vandalize the sign. In her letter to Vivid Entertainment, Fiolleau wrote:
I got a ride [to the dinner] with Shelley Lubben and this was the first time I met her. After the dinner, she was giving me a ride back to the hotel with her assistant. She stopped by [a] fast food place and grabbed paper toilet seat covers, katsup and mustard packets and other stuff. She then pulled over and vandalized your sign.
According to Fiolleau, Lubben was laughing about her vandalism as Fiolleau sat in the back seat of Lubben’s Suburban in shock:
I was praying for her to stop and I was very upset she was doing this and she justified it by saying you guys destroy young girls lives. She painted your sign with lipstick and other stuff like catsup, paper etc and went to town on it and then took multiple photos of her posing in front of it sticking up the middle finger. I told her she was breaking the law and that she should be a good example if she wants to win people to the Lord instead of make enemies and ruin the sign….
I interviewed her once for my show but I took her videos down as I do not endorse her at all. Although I am against porn, I never judge nor 
would I ever slam the industry or the people like she does. It’s wrong and I love everybody. We are all equal.
A recent TMZ video of Vivid’s Steve Hirsch speaking in front of the sign clearly shows the remnants of the vandalism – including the words “Love Shelley”  
Shelley Lubben Of The Pink Cross Commits Another Crime
Steve Hirsh, with Shelley Lubbens Graffiti behind him
According to Fiolleau, she was fearful of speaking out because she has learned how vindictive Lubben can be and didn’t “want any wicked backlashes from Shelley. I feel she is very dangerous…. I’ve experienced bullying from her when I confront her on her behavior and I simply believe that she is a bad representation of Christianity.”
I just thought Steve might want to know it was her that did this terrible act. I never said anything because I was afraid she would retaliate and try to destroy me publicly, but I just had it on my heart so much that you guys need to be careful of her.
Over the last two years, Lubben has come under heavy criticism, most notably from adult performers such as Savannah Jane,  who claim Lubben exploited them for her own profit, then retaliated against them when they dared speak out.
Yesterday, Fiolleau added on Facebook,
I witnessed Shelley get feeling good on wine last year and taking prescription drugs then vandalize the sign of Vivid and break the law as she destroyed it. She then posed seductively in the photos of her after she destroyed it and took several photos of [her] giving the middle finger. When I tried to speak into her life, with love she said that the owner of Vivid deserved it because he’s a pornographer. When I explained to her that true agape live would have a better chance I’d drawing him to repentance and win him to Christ rather than attacking him and being a bad example, her pride reared its head and she became VERY nasty when I confronted her.
Pink Cross Founder and Future Felon Shelley Lubben
Pink Cross Founder and Future Felon Shelley Lubben
This morning, Marci Hirsch personally examined the sign, confirming that the words “Love Shelley” remain legible on it. Hirsch also confirmed that the date of the vandalism was “about a year ago,” that “fast food trash” was found on the site, and that “the sign will have to be re-painted” at Vivid’s expense because of the crayon lipstick that remains lodged in its surface. If the cleaning and re-painting costs should top $400, Lubben may have committed a felony.
In California, the elements of the crime of California vandalism are:
1. that a person maliciously “defaced with graffiti or other inscribed material”
(meaning “any unauthorized inscription, word, figure, mark, or design that is written, marked, etched, scratched, drawn or painted on real or personal property”), damaged, or destroyed property,
2. that the person did not own the property or owned it with someone else, and
3. that the amount of the defacement, damage, or destruction was either 
a. less than $400 in a misdemeanor prosecution, or
b. $400 or more in a felony prosecution.


Shelley Lubben: Accidentally a Whole Self-Published Memoir

Video by Jordan Owen

Porn Star Cancer Patient Robbed and Exploited by Shelley Lubben

Interview and Video by Michael Whiteacre

Shelley Lubben Thinks She's a Prophet; Prays With An 8-foot Staff

Video by Jordan Owen
Visit Jordan's YouTube channel:

Shelley Lubben: Woman of God and Owner of Signed Boobs

On the night of April 26, 2011, while her husband, Garrett, was home in Bakersfield, Christian anti-porn evangelist Shelley "the rebel prophet" Lubben attended a Burbank Porn Star Karaoke (PSK) benefit clad in an extremely revealing strapless dress. Witnesses reported that Lubben made an inordinate number of trips to the ladies room, and acted intoxicated and manic.

A photographer caught Lubben having her surgically enhanced breast signed by Ron Jeremy, the hirsute porn legend famous for being able to suck his own penis, outside the bar’s toilet – and later that night she placed the winning auction bid for a “date” with him. One witness at PSK reported, “There was something decidedly WRONG with her that night. She bid $400, then $500, then $600 on the Ron Jeremy date without intervening bids.”

Cell phone videos from that night showed Lubben dancing lasciviously, and hanging on Jeremy outside Sardo’s Bar with her pupils dilated.

Check out Lubben's stripper hair moves:

Shelley Lubben: Online Predator

Anatomy of a serial online stalker: Shelley Lubben, as seen through the eyes of four young women who were unfortunate enough to have crossed her path: adult performers Sierra Sinn, Taryn Thomas, Michelle Avanti, and former teen amateur porn star Diamond.

When the rabbit screams, the fox comes a-runnin' -- but not to help.

Interviews and video by Michael Whiteacre

Shelley Lubben: Drug Withdrawal or Demons?

Originally posted April 19, 2012:

Today on Facebook, Shelley Lubben attacked one of her former employees, a whistle-blower named April Garris. Garris is a Christian anti-porn advocate who fled Lubben’s cult-like Pink Cross Foundation and dared contradict and criticize the crazed “Rebel Prophet.”
 Lubben wrote:
She has written distorted lies about me and Pink Cross and we have been very kind not to retaliate or expose her. I knew her and loved her for many years and have over 300 emails and facebook messages that tell a much different story. I would ask her to show us some of these messages to prove her claims.
Well, ask and ye shall receive, Mrs. Lubben.
After returning to the US following her disastrous appearance at the Cambridge Union porn debate of February 17, 2011, Shelley Lubben dispatched an email to her Pink Cross “team,” including Garris.  It is reproduced below in its entirety.
Sent: Feb. 21, 2011
It’s 1:23 am in the morning and Garrett and I have been up all night battling hundreds of demons. But the Victory is Christ’s. Garrett and I have committed to obeying Christ perfectly and so we will NO LONGER listen to words of doubt, selfishness or anything at all that comes to us from the pit of hell.
My health and my family and my anointing and my marriage has been battered by those around me and I NO LONGER will allow it. Period.
Tonight, I threw out all of my medications and came against every vile evil spirit from hell that has been tormenting my family for seven years, since we first began this ministry. And we are SO DONE with being tormented day and night.
So, you my dear loved ones have a choice to make. Either you are with us or against us. Either you are with Christ or against Him. Either you deny yourself and bear up your Cross and place your utter trust in Jesus Christ Who gave Himself for you to live and to live victoriously, or you give up and miss what the Lord Jesus has for you.
But as for me and my house, WE WILL SERVE THE LORD.
Anyone, who hurts me or my family or who becomes a burden to us will be released from Pink Cross.
I love you. I have labored in prayer for you. I have mentored you. I have given ALL of you my life, the Word of God, Wisdom, Encouragement, Love and more and so now I will no longer hold you up but you will hold my family up.
If you are unhappy with how things are going with Pink Cross, then you probably don’t belong here. Garrett and I have mentored you all so much and by now if you aren’t sure you belong, then you probably don’t belong. NO MORE DOUBTING!!. This ministry WILL trust in the Lord God Almighty Yahweh and the sacrifice of His Precious Son and we will fight the good fight and we WILL endure hardness as good soldiers of Jesus Christ! And anyone involved in this ministry will do the same. You have no excuse. You have been mentored. You have the Word of God. You have the sacrifice of the Precious Blood of Jesus. You have good Christian brothers and sisters. You have the INTERNET where you can listen to powerful sermons by powerful people of God OR you can waste your time facebooking and complaining to others on the internet about how hard your day was.
But make your choice. Choose this day whom you will serve. Will you serve yourself and continue in your infancy or will you RISE UP and be the Champion the Lord has called you to be. Then, once you have made that choice, we will hold you accountable for it.
Please send me back and email if you choose or don’t choose. We love you. We labored all night and are still laboring in prayer for you. We have prayed for years for all of you. But now you must rise up into your high callings and CHOOSE this day if you will run the race to win or allow satan to steal your destiny from you.
I am preaching to myself as I write this. But I am taking action and showing God I am DEAD SERIOUS that I trust Him UTTERLY and I threw out my medication that I have been on for five years. The devil has attacked my health long enough. The number one way satan has attacked my health is through faithless complaining negative people.
But no more. So, as I recover and walk in restoration, I will need my team more than ever to hold themselves up and to hold my family up.
THAT IS WHY YOU MOVED HERE AND JOINED PINK CROSS. TO HOLD THE LUBBENS UP. We are not to hold you up. That is not our call.
But that’s what we have been doing and we can do it no longer.
I don’t want to hear ONE MORE WORD about finances or any complaints. Either you trust in the Lord and obey Him or you don’t. He is MORE THAN ABLE to sustain your family and to provide for you. You only need to examine yourselves whether you are in faith and obedience to the Lord.
But my family WILL trust in the Lord and RELY on Him to provide. We will not rely on the Lubben Family to provide. The Lord can and WILL provide for all of us through Pink Cross and if you are having a money problem, GO TO THE LORD. We will keep our monetary commitments to you that we have all agreed on.
But no more than that. We can’t do it anymore. You all must rely on the Lord like THOUSANDS of other missionaries who literally have gotten on boats with seventy five cents and went to Hong Kong. Read missionary books to see MANY who have sacrificed even more than you have.
You are not alone.
So, things are going to change now. I will be stepping away from people as be consecrating myself unto the Lord for His service so I can continue in the work He has called me to do. You, also, separate yourself and BE HOLY FOR I AM HOLY SAYS THE LORD.
It’s time to walk in maturity in Christ and realize your high calling and that you are called to be a LEADER in an international movement, in a world movement, in an Earth movement. Stop complaining. Stop grumbling. Stop doubting. There is no place for that here anymore.
Overall, this remarkable passive-aggressive screed speaks for itself, but one thing is particularly striking: Lubben admits that the foundation of her story, and the premise of her ministry, is a lie.
Lubben’s long-standing claim, as found on the website from which she solicits donations, has been (and remains): “The Lord has completely restored me. I am totally free from drugs, alcohol addiction, bad memories, mental illness, sexual addiction, sexual trauma, and everything from the old life… I am totally healed!”
That story of healing and redemption supposedly establishes her standing, and the validity of her personal mission. Yet here she is admitting that she has been on medication for five years – and not just any medication, medication that she felt she had to throw away rather than simply set aside.
Her entire myth — and now her livelihood — relies on donors believing that she is indeed who and what she says she is. But, the sad reality is that Shelley Lubben is a fraud and a train wreck of epic proportions.
The historical context of this email is also important.
Immediately following the Cambridge Union debate, the internet was abuzz with talk of Lubben seeming under the influence of something at the event. Then, Lubben reportedly had what could only be described as a complete breakdown following her flop at Cambridge, to the point that those accompanying her, including Garris, had doubts as to whether they’d even be able to get her on a plane back to the U.S.

Sindy And Shelley, at Cambridge
Upon her return, it was abundantly clear that people believed she was on something, and it would make sense that she would want to get clean.

April (center) And Shelley, at Cambridge
Shelley And Gail Dines, at Cambridge
The other thing worth noting is that, at the time of this email, Pink Cross team members were having severe financial problems largely because of pay cuts that Lubben had recently placed on them.
As April recalls at her personal blog, The Healing Diaries :
In October of 2010, Shelley Lubben contacted me via e-mail and told me that Pink Cross wanted to hire me. This was no surprise. For several months beforehand, Shelley had tried to convince me several times to quit my job and move to Bakersfield to help Pink Cross. I had the desire to, but I had concerns about my financial situation and my daughter…. So, I continuously declined Shelley’s offer – but when she contacted me in October, offering me a salary of $25,000/yr., and a position as her “executive assistant,” I figured that this was God opening a door for ministry. Shelley promised me the world. She told me that I was training to take over for her as president of Pink Cross, and that I would eventually be making more money as Pink Cross became more established.
Shelley painted a rosy picture, but my main concern was reaching out to hurting women, and this is why I decided to accept her offer. I wanted to make a difference. I told Shelley yes, quit my job, and packed up and moved to Bakersfield. By this time, I had been ordained as a chaplain, by Shelley, and I thought I saw God’s hand in this situation. Although Shelley said and did many things that I did not agree with … I went along because I truly believed in the mission of Pink Cross, even though she often told me that a person should never question a person in leadership.
So, against my better judgment, I packed up my life and moved to Bakersfield. Things began to turn sour almost from the very beginning.
According to April, before the new year, Shelley Lubben reneged on her obligation to her.
Shelley e-mailed me and told me that she could no longer afford to pay me what she had promised. In an e-mail, she said that donations were down, and she had “not really put enough thought into”  what she agreed to pay me, and unfortunately had to cut my salary –  not only mine, but that of another Pink Cross employee [Roger Niccum – ed.] – by a substantial amount. For Shelley, it was no big deal, but for me, it was huge. I was already struggling financially with what Pink Cross was paying me, but this pay cut made it almost impossible for me to support myself. Because I was on salary, I was expected to work the same amount of hours. Shelley suggested that I get a part-time job in order to supplement my income, but this was not realistic. As her “executive assistant,” I was expected to attend ministry events, and accompany her to speaking engagements, which necessitated my being out-of-town for days at a time.
Indeed, when I was employed with Pink Cross, great emphasis was put on money. It was ALWAYS about money and donations with Shelley, and it put enormous stress on me. In December of 2011, Shelley sent an “urgent message” to the Pink Cross team, telling us that donations were way down, and that if we did not step up to the plate, and work harder raising funds, she would have to stop paying us altogether. I took this as a threat. She explained to us that our position as Pink Cross employees were impingent upon our ability to raise funds. This took me by surprise, as fund-raising was NEVER brought up as a requirement for employment in her initial e-mail to me. Now, she was telling me that fund-raising was an essential duty as a Pink Cross employee.… This now became the central focus of my ministry.
 I kept hoping that Shelley would see my financial situation and offer to help me, but that never happened. Shelley and Garrett lived in luxury, yet they could not afford to help me. We were told not even to approach her with our financial problems, but to trust God, as she was too busy battling Satan and “thousands of demons” to worry about our problems.
Shelley would continually boast about how the Lord had blessed her, and her family, because they were special to God and mighty warriors for Him. Meanwhile, I was contemplating going on food stamps. Eventually, I did.
In January of 2011, Jenni Case (one of the girls that Pink Cross reached out to and helped years earlier) re-located from Colorado to Bakersfield, California, [at her own expense – ed.] and moved into my 2-bedroom apartment with me….
In February, I accompanied Shelley on a speaking engagement to Cambridge. Shortly after we returned, I expressed to Shelley and Garrett my desire to go on a 2-week mission trip, reaching out to prostituted women in Israel. I almost didn’t ask, for fear of what Shelley’s reaction might be. Shelley was very controlling. I saw how Shelley went off on another Pink Cross employee, for over an hour, for wanting to go out of town for Christmas and New Year’s holiday, demoralizing him and telling him that he was abandoning her and Pink Cross. In spite of this, I asked anyhow. I figured that 10 months was adequate notice, and that the most they could say was “no.” So, I e-mailed Shelley and told her about the trip, and my desire to go. A few days later, Garrett e-mailed me telling me that they didn’t want to stand in the way of my “missions calling,” and decided to demote me from a full-time to a part-time employee, and paid an hourly wage “to be determined.”
It was at this time that they told me not to come to the office any more. Instead, they had Jenni come over there every day for training, which consisted of doing the duties that they previously had me doing. Without being told directly, I was basically being replaced by Jenni, who was now deemed the “Pink Cross Recovery Specialist.” I was told that I would no longer be reaching out to the women, as that was now Jenni’s job. This absolutely broke my heart, as this was my whole motive for moving to Bakersfield in the first place – to reach out to the women in the industry.
Once Jenni Case came on board as an employee, in March 2011, Case’s salary equaled about as much as had been cut from Garris’ pay.
Shortly after writing this email, Lubben was reportedly checked in to a psychiatric ward. It is now clear that her problems with booze and prescription medication continued until at least August 2011, when, according to Pink Cross refugee Michelle Avanti, Lubben quietly spent time in a deluxe rehab facility.
A final note about the financial situation of the good people of Bakersfield: while their employees were going on food stamps to make ends meet, Shelley and Garrett Lubben were preparing to purchase a second, larger, $480,000 home with all new furnishings. The plan was to retain their old house to use it as a “Recovery Home.”
More details of the questionable finances of Pink Cross Foundation and the Lubbens will be forthcoming shortly.

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