Shelley Lubben Served With Restraining Order To Protect Ex-Husband and Daughters

The latest twist in the Shelley Lubben saga finds the assault rifle-toting nut job reunited with boy-toy Joseph "Homeless Joe" Valley at the "Lubben Ranch" property she is trying to unload, and relying on her trusty California Medical Marijuana card (despite having condemned its use all these years), but more estranged than ever from her own family.

As usual Lubben has overstepped -- this time, after her ex-husband Garrett gave her everything in Springville in the divorce, the house, property, cars, etc, totaling more than a half million dollars in worth, Lubben trumped up a bribery charge against Garrett, in addition to the Domestic Violence and Resisting Arrest charges that were piled on him last year prior to their divorce.


It seems Shelley Lubben has been engaging a pattern of harassment against Garrett and their daughters, so Garrett asked for and received a Temporary Restraining Order from a Bakersfield court. The Order, which will be published here as soon as it arrives, is mentioned in the Lubben vs Lubben divorce file:

FLDV stands for the Faith Leaders in Domestic Violent program, and may indicate that the couple sought counseling at some point for Shelley's issues.

PET is traditionally a reference to stalking activity, and CLETS stands for the California Law Enforcement Telecommunication System, the means by which this information was transmitted.

Along with the TRO, Shelley has been served with a Notice to Appear Friday morning in Bakersfield. 

The tables have turned, and now everything Garrett has been accused of is being put back on Shelley.

Incidentally, Shelley reportedly placed another 911 call regarding Homeless Joe, but they have been reunited for at least the last month or so, and they remain living together at the Springville marijuana pit known as the Lubben Ranch.

Everything Must Go! Newly-Divorced Shelley Lubben Dumping 6-BR Springville Property

In May 2015, while they still strived to appear to the outside world as a happy couple, Shelley and Garrett Lubben making plans that would give them each time away from the other. They sold their 3,500 sq ft Bakersfield McMansion, and Garrett purchased a less-costly 4-bedroom house in Bakersfield, for him and his two daughters by Shelley. One of the benefits of this maneuver was that their youngest would not have to change schools, the second unspoken upside was that the kids would get a break from their lunatic mother.

Shelley and Garrett then co-signed on a 13.7-acre, 6-bedroom property in Springville, California, way out in the country. The property, for which they paid in the low $300,000's was deeded in both of their names, possibly because of Garrett's superior credit and earnings. But still, a 6-BR property sounds more like a family home than Shelley Lubben's seroquel and ativan-induced dream of San Simeon.

Easy come, easy go

However, when her affair with ranch hand Joseph Valley became known, and Shelley had her husband arrested TWICE, Garrett filed for divorce.  (Garrett also maintains that none of Shelley's charges against him are valid, and that custody of their children remains with him.)

Whatever Shelley's hopes for the Springville property had been, they were forever dashed, and in October 2015 -- a mere five months after it was wedded to the Lubbens -- the property was put up for sale once again.

Their Bakersfield McMansion eventually sold in December 2015, after the Lubbens dropped the asking price several times.

Here are some more listings for what Shelley has dubbed "the Lubben Ranch":

The property being deeded in both Shelley and Garrett's names, unless rumors that Garrett ceded most of the couple's property to Shelley during their split, some, if not most, of the sales proceeds should be owed to him.

But there's more:

Shelley recently gave an interview to the local paper. Same old BS, but she told the reporter that she loves the Springville/Porterville area. You can read it here.

She mentions needing to find roommates (times are tough for down-on-their-luck, divorced, soon-to-be homeless, 'weary prophets'). Shelley has also alluded to her financial woes on Facebook, first by begging for a work-from-home job, and then with posts like this:

And just this past weekend, Shelley hosted a yard sale:

Check back for more updates to this story.

Pink Cross Foundation 2015 Tax Returns Revealed

Official filings detail the collapse the Lubbens' unsustainable scam nonprofit

Analysis to come, but the returns pretty much speak for themselves.

California Return

Federal return

Thanks to Garrett Lubben for providing the returns.

Shelley Lubben Begs For Work; Claims to be 'Highly Educated'

Here's something to kill those, "Now that Shelley Lubben is 'retired', we won't have anyone to laugh or aim derision at" blues.

From her personal Facebook page:

Source: Facebook

The abysmal grammar in the opening surely puts the lie to her claim that she "can write very well" LOL

For the record, Lubben has admitted to cheating her way through high school, and holds ZERO degrees from legitimate accredited universities. All of her 'degrees' come either from online diploma mills, or unaccredited bible colleges.

That she's seeking online work is doubly hilarious. First, such a job would allow her to remain loaded every day; and second, she has claimed to be an expert computer programmer. Funny thing is, two years ago Shelley the self-taught web designer claimed to need money for an "expert Drupal programmer, despite the fact that according to the Drupal website, and even Google, Drupal is one of the easiest open source web apps available.

On June 25, she posted on Facebook:
">So I'm pretty bummed today. I think I broke my foot while walking on my ranch and so there goes me working at the moment (I can barely walk) and THEN I burned my hand pretty badly cooking a roast. I NEED to work. If anyone has work online including web design, graphic design, editing, writing or anything I can do online I would greatly appreciate it. I'm not too proud to ask. I just need to work and pay my bills and it's pretty hard with a busted foot and living way up in the mountains. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Shelley used to say that God has a plan for all of us. I guess the almighty preferred her divorced and desperate and in pain.

I think I'm going to write the newly-divorced Slubbster, ask if she'd consider relocating to Las Vegas, and offer her a position wiping my ass. Sure I'd be nauseous from her boozy breath, but at least I could feel good about how much I care -- and, undoubtedly she'd be "SUPER grateful."

Special requirements: one hour off per work day to commune with Yahweh

The Shelley Lubben Divorce is a Done Deal

Bakersfield, Calif - In the wake of a shocking sex scandal, the 21-year-long marriage of Garrett and Shelley Lubben has come to an inglorious end. 

In a Bakersfield hearing room on June 9, 2016, Judge John L. Fielder laid it all to rest.

Perhaps not surprisingly, both parties -- supposedly reformed con artists and criminals who ran a scam nonprofit fot a decade -- waived their full declarations of disclosure (including their net worth and source/location of assets).

Next month, on July 19 at 10 a.m. Garrett will be back in court, this time in Porterville, Calif., for a Jury Trial setting in his September 2015 DV case, and a Jury Trial Confirmation in his October  2015 resisting arrest case. Charges in both cases were filed by his now ex-wife, Shelley Lubben.

Update July 11, 2016:

Lubbens To Face Off June 9, at Divorce Conference in Bakersfield

Bakersfield, Calif - In the wake of domestic violence and sex scandals surrounding self-proclaimed "prophet" and former Pink Cross Foundation head Shelley Lubben, the beleaguered Garrett Lubben filed for divorce in March of this year.

Lubbens To Face-Off June 9, at Divorce Conference in Bakersfield
Shelley and Garrett Lubben, seen here during a disastrous PornHarms webcast
from their home in Bakersfield, will face each other in court June 9.

Last week, Kern County Superior Court in Bakersfield set the first date in the Lubbens' divorce proceeding: a Mandatory Settlement Conference on June 9 at 1:30 p.m.

The Lubbens are next scheduled to meet face to face on July 19 at 10 a.m., when Garrett has court dates in his criminal cases in Tulare County Superior Court: a Jury Trial setting in his September DV case, and a Jury Trial Confirmation in his October resisting arrest case.

Over on Facebook, Shelley doesn't seem all that upset about the divorce . . . and blames porn for her marital problems. Really.

"We"? Who's "we"? Garrett filed on you after the aforementioned series of events.

We will have copies of the divorce filings shortly, but for now, as an FYI for readers, here is the divorce process in California:

Garrett Lubben Criminal Court Dates Pushed to July

Porterville, Calif. -- In Tulare County Superior Court  Tues. April 12, 2016, new dates were set in the ongoing criminal cases against Garrett Lubben, husband of Shelley Lubben and co-founder of their scam nonprofit Pink Cross Foundation.

Garrett Lubben
Pink Cross Foundation closed down in January.

In 2015, Garrett, 43, and Shelley Lubben, 47, put their Bakersfield McMansion up for sale and Shelley moved way out in the country, to Springville, in California's Tulare County, while Garrett remained in Bakersfield so that the couple's youngest daughter wouldn't have to change schools.
As Pink Cross Foundation was continually exposed by Michael Whiteacre and others, the Lubbens downsized and lowered their profile, but trouble still followed them.

Garrett graduating from an unaccredited Bible College 

On September 8, 2015, Garrett, who was recently ordained and joined his wife in ministry, was arrested by Tulare County Sheriffs at the Lubbens' new home for domestic violence, and charged with Infliction of Corporal Injury on a Spouse/Cohabitant.

He bailed out the following day.
Then on October 8 of last year, the Tulare County Sheriffs were dispatched once again to the Lubben homestead, and Garrett, a former drug dealer from Chino, Calif., was carted off with a fresh set of charges: disobeying a court order (regarding the Sept 8 domestic violence charge), and resisting arrest.

His bond was initially set at $50,000. That’s a substantial bond.

On December 1, the Tulare County D.A.'s office opted to prosecute the new charges as well.

The need for cash might helps explain why the couple had been so eager to sell their previous home in Bakersfield at a discounted price (they finally sold it in December).
Shelley and Garrett
The battling Lubbens
But, it appears, the story is a bit more complex.

As revealed here last month, in 2015 Shelley had allegedly begun a fling with her "ranch foreman", a former dishwasher from Bakersfield named Joseph Valley (then age 26).

Shelley Lubben Sex Scandal -- Lubben vs.Lubben Divorce Case

Shelley Lubben Sex Scandal -- Lubben vs.Lubben Divorce case

But then Shelley phoned in a domestic violence case on him, too!

Valley, aged 27, was arrested by Tulare County Sheriffs early on Christmas morning, 2015. His bail was set at $50,000, which he was unable to pay.

"Homeless Joe" Valley was convicted and sentenced, and eventually released on March 22, 2016

All of which causes one to wonder, did Garrett walk in on something back in September or October of last year?

Bear in mind, on Oct. 13, 2015, five days after being arrested a second time at Shelley's "Ranch", Garrett filed for a legal separation in Bakersfield.

On March 14, Garrett amended his petition to Dissolution of Marriage (divorce), and on March 24
proof was filed in Bakersfield that Shelley had been served with Garrett's divorce papers.

Garrett's criminal cases

Garrett Lubben was arraigned on November 3 for the September domestic violence charge in the Porterville division of the Tulare County Superior Court. The case # is PCM324571. 

On Tuesday, Jan. 12, Garrett Lubben had been ordered to appear in Porterville for arraignment on the charge of Obstructing/Resisting a Public Officer in violation of California Penal Code 148(a)(1). That case # is PCM327330
However, Mr. Lubben failed to appear in court on Jan. 12, and a Bench Warrant was ordered by the court.

On Jan. 26, an attorney appeared on Garrett's behalf, and a Feb. 29 hearing date was set in both criminal cases.

At the February hearing, a date for trial setting was ordered for April 12, with a tentative Trial by Jury scheduled for April 14.

Tuesday, a new court date of July 19 at 10 a.m. was set in both of his cases: a Jury Trial setting in the September DV case, and a Jury Trial Confirmation in the October resisting arrest case.
Rollin' -- the high living Lubbens
Born on July 15, 1972, Garrett Theodore Lubben graduated Ontario Christian High School in 1990.

Lubben’s father Glenn, now deceased, had reportedly also been a pastor, but “fell to sexual sin”, Shelley has said.
The Justice Center in Porterville, California
 Watch for updates to this story.