Shelley Lubben Trying To Retract Declaration Made Under Penalty of Perjury

Remember remember the fifth of November...

Last year, as they worked out their divorce settlement between them, Garrett Lubben told Shelley he had decided to give Shelley well over $500k in assets. The house, the cars, tools -- basically, everything at the Springville property Shelley calls the 'Lubben Ranch'.

Garrett's intention, he says, was for he and his daughters to sever all ties in order to "start over with minimal memories remaining and zero spousal support." A new life, without Shelley.

Garrett also asked Shelley to do the right thing: to come clean to the authorities, and tell them that he had NOT battered or struck her in any way on September 8, 2015, as he was being charged with domestic battery for an incident that did not happen.

Shelley agreed, then hand wrote scribbled and signed the following exculpatory declaration, under penalty of perjury, on November 5, 2015.

But then sometime in 2016, Shelley cooked up a new twist on the story, and sought to retract her previous sworn statement, claiming that it had been "coerced" by Garrett and his attorney. 

It is unknown whether the "impact statement" quoted within the following document was signed under penalty of perjury, and in fact it seems unlikely.

The projection in the second-to-last sentence is hard to ignore; it reads like it could have been written about Shelley herself. 

And the irony of Shelley Lubben complaining that someone else wrote or re-wrote a statement in her name is spectacular: many adult film stars, ex-performers, and even members of her own family, have long maintained that the so-called 'testimonies' purportedly written by them, and published by Shelley on her websites along with a plea for donations, have been doctored almost beyond recognition.

Lubben vs Lubben

Shelley is accusing Garrett of the crime of bribery. Note, then, that Shelley's assertion that Garrett promised to pay off all of her bills through May appears to be contradicted by their contemporaneous Settlement Of Issues In Dissolution Of Marriage Case, upon which a judge signed off on June 9, 2016. (See the document here; ) And only after the fact did she realize that accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods and real property in lieu of alimony would mean she'd have to get a job or else sell assets?

As the next court date, August 18, looms, it appears that both sides are steeling themselves for a battle royale. It falls upon Garrett to discredit Shelley, which should not be all that difficult, considering the potential witnesses who are lining up to testify -- as well as the fact that she claims she lied in her sworn declaration, and that she did so, essentially, for money.

UPDATE - Nov. 1, 2016:

Both Shelley Lubben and a local sheriff are scheduled to testify before a judge on December 5, 2016, and Mr. Lubben's attorney will have an opportunity to examine them.

UPDATE - Dec. 1, 2016:

The hearing date has been moved to February 6, 2017.

UPDATE  - Shelley Lubben's Attempt To Set Up Ex for Felony Bribery Flops; Charges Dismissed

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