Court Dates For Shelley Lubben's Husband Pushed to July

Porterville, Calif. -- In Tulare County Superior Court  Tues. April 12, 2016, new court dates were set in the suspicious ongoing criminal cases against Garrett Lubben, husband of his disgraced accuser, Shelley Lubben, and co-founder of the anti-porn outfit, Pink Cross Foundation.

Garrett Lubben
Pink Cross Foundation closed down in January.

In 2015, Garrett, 43, and Shelley Lubben, 47, put their Bakersfield McMansion up for sale and Shelley moved way out in the country, to Springville, in California's Tulare County, while Garrett remained in Bakersfield so that the couple's youngest daughter wouldn't have to change schools.
As Pink Cross Foundation was continually exposed by Michael Whiteacre and others, the Lubbens downsized and lowered their profile, but trouble still followed them.

Garrett graduating from Bible College 

On September 8, 2015, the straight-laced Garrett, who was recently ordained and joined his wife in ministry, was arrested by Tulare County Sheriffs at the Lubbens' new home for domestic violence, and charged with Infliction of Corporal Injury on a Spouse/Cohabitant -- a charge which is notably out of character for the notably even-tempered businessman.

He bailed out the following day.
Then on October 8 of last year, the Tulare County Sheriffs were dispatched once again to the Lubben homestead, and Garrett, was carted off again with a fresh set of charges: disobeying a court order (regarding the Sept 8 domestic violence charge), and resisting arrest.

His bond was initially set at $50,000. That’s a substantial bond.

On December 1, the Tulare County D.A.'s office opted to prosecute the new charges as well.

The need for cash might help explain why the couple had been so eager to sell their previous home in Bakersfield at a discounted price (they finally sold it in December).
Shelley and Garrett
The warring Lubbens
But, it appears, the story is a bit more complex.

2015: The year Shelley Lubben discovered the power of 911

As revealed here last month, in 2015 Shelley had allegedly begun a fling with her "ranch foreman", a former dishwasher from Bakersfield named Joseph Valley (then age 26).

Shelley Lubben Sex Scandal -- Lubben vs.Lubben Divorce Case

Shelley Lubben Sex Scandal -- Lubben vs.Lubben Divorce case

But then Shelley phoned in a domestic violence case on him, too!

Valley, aged 27, was arrested by Tulare County Sheriffs early on Christmas morning, 2015. His bail was set at $50,000, which he was unable to pay.

Valley was convicted and sentenced, and eventually released on March 22, 2016

All of which causes one to wonder, did Garrett walk in on something back in September or October of last year?

Bear in mind, on Oct. 13, 2015, five days after being arrested a second time at Shelley's "Ranch", Garrett filed for a legal separation in Bakersfield.

On March 14, Garrett amended his petition to Dissolution of Marriage (divorce), and on March 24
proof was filed in Bakersfield that Shelley had been served with Garrett's divorce papers.

Garrett's criminal cases

Garrett Lubben was arraigned on November 3 for the September domestic violence charge in the Porterville division of the Tulare County Superior Court. The case # is PCM324571. 

On Tuesday, Jan. 12, Garrett Lubben had been ordered to appear in Porterville for arraignment on the charge of Obstructing/Resisting a Public Officer in violation of California Penal Code 148(a)(1). That case # is PCM327330
On Jan. 26, an attorney appeared on Garrett's behalf, and a Feb. 29 hearing date was set in both criminal cases.

At the February hearing, a date for trial setting was ordered for April 12, with a tentative Trial by Jury scheduled for April 14.

Tuesday, a new court date of July 19 at 10 a.m. was set in both of his cases: a Jury Trial setting in the September DV case, and a Jury Trial Confirmation in the October resisting arrest case.
Rollin' -- the high living Lubbens
Born on July 15, 1972, Garrett Theodore Lubben graduated Ontario Christian High School in 1990. At the time he met Shelley, in the 1990s, she was a heavy partier and he was using and selling methamphetamine in and around Chino, Calif. Beginning with a stint in the U.S. Army, he turned his life around and became a successful businessman and devoted father.

Lubben’s father Glenn, now deceased, had reportedly also been a pastor, but “fell to sexual sin”, Shelley has said.
The Justice Center in Porterville, California
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