The Devil and Shelley Lubben Ep. 5 - Preview 2

This is an advance preview of eight minutes from the forthcoming Episode 5 of The Devil and Shelley Lubben.

This video contains much new information, as told by people who knew her during the time period about which she has made many sensational claims.

It's my hope that viewers can apprehend how I obtained the tone and rhythm that I wanted now that additional interview footage has been edited in to the rough assembly I uploaded previously.

I will leave this video up for only a few weeks, as it's not a finished piece. Think of it as an early Halloween treat. I hope you enjoy it.

Please pay no mind to the rough audio and the variances in picture quality. This upload comes from a new work tape of The Devil and Shelley Lubben that does not have the music and SFX laid in, and the color grading is not yet complete.

Maggie McNeill in "The Devil and Shelley Lubben"

Sex worker, activist and author Maggie McNeill explains how someone with claims as flimsy as Shelley Lubben's could find acceptance among prohibitionists when she popped up on the anti-porn / anti-sex work radar in 2004.

Ms. McNeill appears in Episode 5 of Michael Whiteacre's documentary series The Devil and Shelley Lubben.