Slashing Prices! Shelley Lubben Desperate To Sell Her Bakersfield McMansion

Anti-Porn scammer Shelley Lubben -- who once claimed having "favor" with the Lord -- and her businessman husband are set to take a financial bath as they drop the asking price for their Bakersfield McMansion yet again — with hubby Garrett’s mom acting as their real estate agent.

The last time we saw Shelley Lubben, the disgraced "rebel prophet" of anti-porn, she had placed her Bakersfield, Calif. McMansion on the market, and purchased a new home on 13.73 acres in Springville, Calif. at the very same time that she launched a GoFundMe drive in order to supposedly "continue to help those affected by porn" (whatever that means).
We have urgent financial needs and need YOUR help. This amount is a fraction of what is needed but we trust God to provide and pray those who have been helped by Pink Cross will donate even the smallest amount. ANY gift over $15 will get a FREE Pink Cross bracelet sent to them (continential [sic] U.S. only)  as a thank you. These are brand new never seen before [sic] bracelets.
We have girls waiting to receive services that we cannot afford to give. PLEASE help. $20 would help get the resources in the right hands of 2 different girls.

Now maybe the timing doesn't sound suspicious on the face of it… until you realize that a veritable swarm of survivors of Pink Cross Foundation (a group with no trained professionals that has accomplished absolutely nothing in terms of inhibiting the adult business across the globe) have gone on record to reveal that Shelley Lubben does not spend donations in any significant way on anything but her own and her family's needs. (For instance, see here, here, here and here.)

The author with Shelley Lubben, January 2011
After nearly five years research, and I have yet to find a single person who can show that the Lubbens ever bestowed them with anything of value. On the contrary, the consensus is that Shelley's charity drives are designed to benefit only Shelley Lubben. The group’s tax returns certainly seem to bear this out.
Here’s a shot from Shelley Lubben’s new GoFundMe page:
Note: unlike Shelley and Garrett Lubben, we blur out the faces of minors
Not exactly an outpouring of support.

Real Property

Back in 2012, the Lubbens sold their first home in Bakersfield (which, like all their subsequent residences, doubled as the “offices” of Pink Cross Foundation).
There, on Elias Avenue, Lubben prayed in her inimitable way.

She also enjoyed putting porn star-style make-up on toddlers…
Shelley Lubben in bikini bathing suit
…and issuing heavenly commands in her backyard (her neighbors must’ve loved this):

Ahh, good times.

Came the fall

The house had been purchased for around $300,000, and they made approximately $50,000 or more in improvements to the place, but disgrace soon came to the Lubbens’ door. Lubben lost her ticket to mainstream press attention, Michael Weinstein of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, who unceremoniously dumped Lubben because she had become “a lightning rod for criticism” due to her lies and “outrageous behavior.
This behavior reached its apex on the night of April 26, 2011. With her husband, Garrett, home in Bakersfield, Lubben attended a Burbank Porn Star Karaoke benefit clad in an extremely revealing strapless dress. Witnesses reported that Lubben, the pupils of her eyes as big as olives, made an inordinate number of trips to the ladies room, and acted intoxicated and manic. She was also photographed having her surgically-enhanced breast autographed by porn legend Ron Jeremy — a man famous for being able to suck his own penis — outside the bar’s toilet. 

So, in 2012 the Lubbens took a bath on the Elias Ave. house when they listed it at $189,000 – which was about 40 grand below its 2010 market value.

Nonetheless, the operators of the nonprofit Pink Cross Foundation still saw blue skies ahead, and moved in to a new, larger “McMansion” home in Bakersfield that they purchased for approximately $480,000.
Here are some photos of that house on Championship Way as it appeared at the time the Lubbens purchased it:
Side view, January 2012
Aerial view, 2012
There’s no question in my mind that one of the reasons the Lubbens moved there was the street name “Championship Way”. Lubben was trained by a mini-Joel Osteen named Kevin Gerald at the Champions Centre in Tacoma, Wash. after she moved there with Garrett, her former drug dealer in the 1990s.  Shelley has (insanely) remarked that her old house sitting on Elias Ave bolsters her claim that she is the reincarnated Prophet Elijah, so there’s no way she could have ignored the symbolism.
Here’s the pool at the Championship Way property under construction in the summer of 2013:
And here are photos showing the property as it currently looks, from their recent real estate listing, and other sources. Notice the many tens of thousands of dollars worth of construction and landscaping, including the installation of a waterfall/fountain, a large pool and spa, and the (rented) solar panels on the roof:
The room of unspeakable horrors
Front of the house

Shelley Lubben at her second Bakersfield address, with an unlucky lop

Then, misfortune struck. Some might call it divine justice. Not long after moving into their big, costly new spread, Garrett was dumped by his long-time employer.

With mainstream interest in her hysterical anti-porn spiel dwindling, the Lubbens attempted teaching sex ed to seniors on the Cracker Barrel circuit to little success. Eventually, the couple oped to sell their Bakersfield money pit.

Their ridiculous original listing price was $815,000:
With no takers, they kept dropping their asking price:
And the asking price keeps a-falling . As of September 2015, it’s dropped by more than another $100,000!

The asking price is now over $20k below the property's 2014 assessment.

And look who’s listed as realtor: none other than Garrett’s mother, “Nuggie” Lubben:

According to Google Alerts, on the same day as the May price drop, the Lubbens signed the deed on their new place in Tulare County’s Springville, Calif., population 1000. Sadly this leaves fewer opportunities for toilet papering nearby homes.

Their new digs also lie about an hour north of Bakersfield — which is to say it’s 2 1/2 hours north of porn valley, the area Lubben has ludicrously called her “mission field”.
As you can see, the Lubbens got the new spread for a song, compared to their most recent digs:

Looks like they’ll be saving a bundle on property taxes too:
Here are some pics from the new property's listing:

I’m guessing another costly remodeling job is coming…

It's quite a different style than the Bakersfield Mcansion! How long until we see remodeling pics from Shelley as fundraisers to help those poor “girls” who’ve been “affected by porn” continue.