Comes A Reckoning -- Shelley Lubben Faces Questioning Aug 17

Witnesses from near and far are lining up to testify about anti-porn crusader Shelley Lubben's (lack of) character

Porterville, Calif. -- If one believes in Divine Justice, one might be well advised to cast an eye toward Tulare County Superior Court on the morning of August 17, 2017. It will be there, in that unlikely spot, that a dreadful era might come to a close as anti-porn scamster, perjurer and adulteress Shelley Lubben will find herself on the witness stand in a criminal trial where her credibility and veracity are to be judged. On that date, Shelley Lubben, the ever-vindictive "rebel prophet" of the (now defunct) Pink Cross Foundation, will try to see to it that her ex-husband is convicted of domestic battery. As is the norm for her, Mrs. Lubben has changed her story since the alleged events of September 8 and October 8, 2015 -- signing a written declaration under penalty of perjury on November 5, 2015, then seeking to retract it after Garrett refused to get back together with his pill-popping, abusive ex, or give her any more money.

The case stands or falls on Shelley Lubben's credibility.

Comes A Reckoning --  Shelley Lubben Faces Questioning Aug 17

In February 2017, following a disastrous courtroom performance by Shelley, Garrett was exonerated of felony bribery charges initiated by his disgruntled ex in 2016, when Judge Michael B. Sheltzer ruled that the iPhone video clips directed and filmed by Shelley during her divorce negotiations with her then-husband did NOT capture an attempt to bribe Mrs. Lubben.

Insiders say that Mrs. Lubben is in for some big surprises in August, as people from her past and present vie for spots on the witness stand to tell the jury all about who the accuser Shelley Lubben really is -- and what she is capable of.

It's truly difficult to overstate just how much her victims and other former associates have looked forward to the opportunity to place Mrs. Lubben's spectacular misdeeds on the public record whilst handing her yet another humiliating defeat (and possibly a perjury charge).

Our own Michael Whiteacre will be in attendance, and will provide a full report right here at .

Garrett Lubben, in a scene from Michael Whiteacre's documentary The Devil and Shelley Lubben

Shelley Lubben Banned From Daughter's High School Campus

Bakersfield, Calif. -- As previously reported, on December 16, 2016, disgraced anti-porn crusader and adulteress Shelley Lubben and her boyfriend Joe Valley were involved in a bizarre incident in Bakersfield, which began with their visit to her youngest daughter's high school.

Here, for the first time, is a copy of a report by school security on the occurrence, containing new, unsettling details.

Shelley Lubben's Attempt To Set Up Ex for Felony Bribery Flops; Charges Dismissed

Porterville, Calif. -- In Tulare County Superior Court Monday morning, Garrett Lubben was exonerated of all felony charges initiated by his disgruntled ex when Judge Michael B. Sheltzer ruled that the iPhone video clips directed and filmed by Shelley during her divorce negotiations with her then-husband Garrett did NOT show an attempt to bribe Mrs. Lubben.

In his analysis, the Judge cited the California criminal statute in question, Penal Code Section 137(A), which requires:
  1. any person to give or offer or promise to give a witness
  2. something of value
  3. with a corrupt intent
  4. to influence the witness' testimony
Bribery is a specific intent crime. "Corrupt intent", the judge noted, requires that the person intends to induce the other party to commit an unlawful act, such as to lie or commit perjury.

However, Judge Sheltzer pointed out, Garrett had only asked that she exonerate him -- to come clean about what had happened -- he never asked her to lie.

The court chalked up the October 31, 2015 video clips as merely a record of their separation / divorce negotiations.

Lying her ass off

Shelley Lubben, clad in a pale pink pant suit, testified hysterically that she came forward with these charges a short while after the recordings were made. She brought them to the Tulare County sheriff on May 5, 2016, which just so happens to be a week after Garrett blocked her calls and texts (which had vacillated between the two running themes of "let's work it out and be together" and "I'm gonna get you and make you pay!") However, on the recordings themselves Garrett clearly states that the date of recording was October 31, 2015, some six months before the jilted Shelley decided to seek vengeance on him. On the stand she claimed that the videos were shot between February and April of 2016, so it immediately became apparent that something was amiss.

On the recordings, Shelley can be heard off camera, shouting directions and telling Garrett what to say.

Shelley Lubben: Witness for the Prosecution
Another important piece of evidence came to light at Monday's hearing, one which the prosecution sought unsuccessfully to have excluded: a July 2016 email from Mrs. Lubben to Garrett in which she offers to pay $5,000 toward his defense against these very felony charges once the "Lubben Ranch" is sold.

On the stand, Shelley never missed an opportunity to (unconvincingly) claim victimhood -- in this instance that she had been the victim of Garrett's manipulation. Her voice slurred slightly, she also fell into the trap of answering questions about her own veracity which had not been asked, closing with a crocodile tear-laden unprompted outburst that she "would never lie in a court of law.'

Under cross examination, Shelley was belligerent, and bristled when Mr. Lubben's attorney stated the obvious -- that she had set Garrett up and used the recordings as a bludgeon when she did not get her way. In response, Shelley seemed annoyed and defaulted to her "I'm a victim" position.

Shelley stormed out of the hearing, with boyfriend Joe Valley in tow, as soon as the judge ruled against her and tossed all charges (but before he'd even finished speaking). Lubben's request for an extended restraining order against Garrett was also denied.

Following the hearing, a jubilant Garrett Lubben addressed the case on the courthouse steps.

Missing Puzzle Pieces Revealed in Final Chapters of 'The Devil and Shelley Lubben'

A special surprise guest helps bring the story of anti-porn charlatan Shelley Lubben full circle, as director Michael Whiteacre's documentary series concludes with episodes 5 and 6.

The Devil and Shelley Lubben: The End Is Nigh from Michael Whiteacre on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for more surprises in the startling conclusion of The Devil and Shelley Lubben in the upcoming episodes 5 & 6.