Shelley Lubben Begs For Work; Claims to be 'Highly Educated'

Here's something to kill those, "Now that Shelley Lubben is 'retired', we won't have anyone to laugh or aim derision at" blues.

From her personal Facebook page:

Source: Facebook

The abysmal grammar in the opening surely puts the lie to her claim that she "can write very well" LOL

For the record, Lubben has admitted to cheating her way through high school, and holds ZERO degrees from legitimate accredited universities. All of her 'degrees' come either from online diploma mills, or unaccredited bible colleges.

That she's seeking online work is doubly hilarious. First, such a job would allow her to remain loaded every day; and second, she has claimed to be an expert computer programmer. Funny thing is, two years ago Shelley the self-taught web designer claimed to need money for an "expert Drupal programmer, despite the fact that according to the Drupal website, and even Google, Drupal is one of the easiest open source web apps available.

On June 25, she posted on Facebook:
">So I'm pretty bummed today. I think I broke my foot while walking on my ranch and so there goes me working at the moment (I can barely walk) and THEN I burned my hand pretty badly cooking a roast. I NEED to work. If anyone has work online including web design, graphic design, editing, writing or anything I can do online I would greatly appreciate it. I'm not too proud to ask. I just need to work and pay my bills and it's pretty hard with a busted foot and living way up in the mountains. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Shelley used to say that God has a plan for all of us. I guess the almighty preferred her divorced and desperate and in pain.

I think I'm going to write the newly-divorced Slubbster, ask if she'd consider relocating to Las Vegas, and offer her a position wiping my ass. Sure I'd be nauseous from her boozy breath, but at least I could feel good about how much I care -- and, undoubtedly she'd be "SUPER grateful."

Special requirements: one hour off per work day to commune with Yahweh

The Shelley Lubben Divorce is a Done Deal

Bakersfield, Calif - In the wake of a shocking sex scandal, the 21-year-long marriage of Garrett and Shelley Lubben has come to an inglorious end. 

In a Bakersfield hearing room on June 9, 2016, Judge John L. Fielder laid it all to rest.

Both parties waived their full declarations of disclosure (including their net worth and source/location of assets).

Next month, on July 19 at 10 a.m. Garrett will be back in court, this time in Porterville, Calif., for a Jury Trial setting in his September 2015 DV case, and a Jury Trial Confirmation in his October  2015 resisting arrest case. Charges in both of these odd cases were filed by his now ex-wife, the disgraced Shelley Lubben.

Update July 11, 2016: