Lubben Family Values

It never gets old with Shelley Lubben. The latest is her “look how great my family is / give me money” Christmas letter to her inner circle.
When you read it, it’s hard to tell it was written by a alleged felon/scam artist who preys on Christian people and leads a double life as a porn loving anti porner with a pill and booze problem.
My favorite part of this boastful, downright bizarre, 2012 holiday letter is where Shelley Lubben of Pink Cross Foundation talks about taking her 12 to 13 year old 8th grader and her school friends toilet papering…
“We believe XXXXXXXX’s favorite time with friends is when they spend the night and they make Mommy take them toilet papering”
I know what you’re thinking – Sean, it’s only toilet papering. For the most part, I agree. When I was in high school I toilet papered houses all the time. Of course I didn’t take my 8th grade brother with me and I wasn’t a Christian Crusader using my holier than thou shtick to scam people out of cash. Oh, and I was never accused of defacing private property by two eye witnesses, either…

So here we have Dr. Shelley Lubben (LOL) not only teaching her kid that vandalism is cool, but brainwashing little Suzy from next door as well. Now I don’t know about you, but before the neighbors take my kids out to commit property crimes, I like the courtesy “Hey, Sean, I’m taking your kids over to the Vivid building for some quality crime time” phone call.
I’m sure Shelley Lubben loves her kids. Below is Mrs. Lubben teaching her kids about human anatomy, with Professor Ronald Jeremy assisting.

Clearly, Lubben is getting her clavicle signed. If it wasn’t her clavicle it would be considered lying and I’m sure Lubben would never lie to her children. That wouldn’t be very Christian-y.
Did I ever tell you about the time I took my kids to AEE to meet porn stars? No? Yea probably because it would never happen.
Anti porner and all around great mom Shelley Lubben thinks it's ok to bring minors to porn events. She took her kids to “Porn Stars for Puppies.” Now, granted my expertise lies elsewhere, but I think if you take your kids to an event called “Porn stars for Puppies,” they may run into porn stars.
I will leave you with a great video by Jordan Owen on Shelley Lubben: Family Values Advocate


Shelley Lubben: Accidentally a Whole Self-Published Memoir

Video by Jordan Owen