Eyewitness: Shelley Lubben Vandalized Vivid Entertainment HQ

According to an eyewitness, in May of last year, Shelley Lubben of the scandal-plagued  anti-porn group Pink Cross Foundation vandalized the sign outside of Vivid Entertainment headquarters while drunk and high on prescription pills.
Tania Fiolleau of the Vancouver-based Save the Women Ministry recently emailed a letter to Vivid, explaining that in May 2012, following a dinner with the other keynote speakers for the Preventing Abuse Foundation , she saw Lubben vandalize the sign. In her letter to Vivid Entertainment, Fiolleau wrote:
I got a ride [to the dinner] with Shelley Lubben and this was the first time I met her. After the dinner, she was giving me a ride back to the hotel with her assistant. She stopped by [a] fast food place and grabbed paper toilet seat covers, katsup and mustard packets and other stuff. She then pulled over and vandalized your sign.
According to Fiolleau, Lubben was laughing about her vandalism as Fiolleau sat in the back seat of Lubben’s Suburban in shock:
I was praying for her to stop and I was very upset she was doing this and she justified it by saying you guys destroy young girls lives. She painted your sign with lipstick and other stuff like catsup, paper etc and went to town on it and then took multiple photos of her posing in front of it sticking up the middle finger. I told her she was breaking the law and that she should be a good example if she wants to win people to the Lord instead of make enemies and ruin the sign….
I interviewed her once for my show but I took her videos down as I do not endorse her at all. Although I am against porn, I never judge nor 
would I ever slam the industry or the people like she does. It’s wrong and I love everybody. We are all equal.
A recent TMZ video of Vivid’s Steve Hirsch speaking in front of the sign clearly shows the remnants of the vandalism – including the words “Love Shelley”  
Shelley Lubben Of The Pink Cross Commits Another Crime
Steve Hirsh, with Shelley Lubbens Graffiti behind him
According to Fiolleau, she was fearful of speaking out because she has learned how vindictive Lubben can be and didn’t “want any wicked backlashes from Shelley. I feel she is very dangerous…. I’ve experienced bullying from her when I confront her on her behavior and I simply believe that she is a bad representation of Christianity.”
I just thought Steve might want to know it was her that did this terrible act. I never said anything because I was afraid she would retaliate and try to destroy me publicly, but I just had it on my heart so much that you guys need to be careful of her.
Over the last two years, Lubben has come under heavy criticism, most notably from adult performers such as Savannah Jane,  who claim Lubben exploited them for her own profit, then retaliated against them when they dared speak out.
Yesterday, Fiolleau added on Facebook,
I witnessed Shelley get feeling good on wine last year and taking prescription drugs then vandalize the sign of Vivid and break the law as she destroyed it. She then posed seductively in the photos of her after she destroyed it and took several photos of [her] giving the middle finger. When I tried to speak into her life, with love she said that the owner of Vivid deserved it because he’s a pornographer. When I explained to her that true agape live would have a better chance I’d drawing him to repentance and win him to Christ rather than attacking him and being a bad example, her pride reared its head and she became VERY nasty when I confronted her.
Pink Cross Founder and Future Felon Shelley Lubben
Pink Cross Founder and Future Felon Shelley Lubben
This morning, Marci Hirsch personally examined the sign, confirming that the words “Love Shelley” remain legible on it. Hirsch also confirmed that the date of the vandalism was “about a year ago,” that “fast food trash” was found on the site, and that “the sign will have to be re-painted” at Vivid’s expense because of the crayon lipstick that remains lodged in its surface. If the cleaning and re-painting costs should top $400, Lubben may have committed a felony.
In California, the elements of the crime of California vandalism are:
1. that a person maliciously “defaced with graffiti or other inscribed material”
(meaning “any unauthorized inscription, word, figure, mark, or design that is written, marked, etched, scratched, drawn or painted on real or personal property”), damaged, or destroyed property,
2. that the person did not own the property or owned it with someone else, and
3. that the amount of the defacement, damage, or destruction was either 
a. less than $400 in a misdemeanor prosecution, or
b. $400 or more in a felony prosecution.

Source: http://therealpornwikileaks.com/eyewitness-shelley-lubben-vandalized-vivid-entertainment-hq-trpwl-exclusive/