Shelley Lubben Attacked by Porn Star ‘Animals’ in Hollywood; Julia Ann Comments

Originally posted, June 3, 2012

Today was not a good day to be Shelley Lubben.
The scandal-plagued anti-pornography crusader attended a Hollywood Pet Adoption event to “raise awareness about porn” while promoting the documentary ‘After Porn Ends’, only to see it overrun by people who despise her and everything she stands for.
Kiki D'Aire, Alex Chance, Samantha Phillips, Ron Jeremy and friends
Led by Michael Whiteacre, creator of the documentary ‘The Devil and Shelley Lubben,’adult performers clad in shirts that read “Shelley Lubben Treats Porn Stars Like Animals,” quickly drove Lubben from the spotlight of the “Porn Stars for Puppies” gathering.
The sentiment on the shirts referred to Lubben’s recent attempt to explain away the abject failure of her sham organization, Pink Cross Foundation, by claiming that porn stars who reject her “help” are so sick they’re like wild animals who will bite you when you try to help them.

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Attendees of today’s event included Ron Jeremy, Kiki Daire, Danny Wylde, Guy DiSilva (who, tragically, had to endure performing two porn scenes with Lubben back in the day), Alex Chance, Mary Carey, and Penthouse Pet turned Los Angeles radio personality Sam Phillips (who also narrates Whiteacre’s documentary). The heavy-lidded Lubben brought along her husband Garrett “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Lubben; her two youngest daughters/victims; a Pink Cross volunteer named Scott Smith who hid like an old woman; and Shelley’s assistant/Pink Cross director Melanie Dzierba.
Danny Wylde
Among the day’s highlights: two bizarre shouting matches between former drug dealer Garrett Lubben and Whiteacre (both instigated by Garrett “Mr. Wonderful” Lubben, and caught on video) in full view of the assembled press.
Guy DiSilva
Back in the real world, adult film superstar, timeless beauty and dedicated animal rescuer Julia Ann was kind enough to share her thoughts on today’s events — during which a vile woman whose stock and trade is the dehumanization of adult performers got her due:
Julia Ann
I woke up conflicted today knowing there was a pet adoption event that I wanted to be a part of but not wanting to feel anxiety over the particulars surrounding the event (the ‘Anti-Pornography Infant’ Shelley Lubben saga continues). When I was informed that this person was going to use an event that is to be about the saving of little lives to promote her negative, biased, fear-driven opinion (note I said opinion and not fact) I was insulted and, needless to say, disgusted.
For those that follow the animal holocaust that is happening on a daily basis in US animal shelters (gas chambers and all) with a staggering 5 to 6 million animals being murdered every year, that’s around 700 an hour. In the time it takes you to eat lunch 700 dogs and cats are killed because no one wanted them. 1 out of every 10 dogs and 1 out of 12 cats will find a permanent home. 10,000 people are born every day and 70,000 animals are born every day so do the math. There just aren’t enough good, loving homes.
Now that I’ve explained this heartbreaking truth I’m sure you can understand why some anti-pornography crusader using this event (where a select few critters may actually find love for the rest of their lives) to promote her baseless agenda makes me incensed. For her to show up and act like porn actresses are treated like animals in the shelter (the adult industry isn’t gassing any of us) is preposterous. These two events should never be equated to each other.
Shelley, how dare you make light of animal overpopulation and suffering? My home is constantly filled with these injured, sickly and betrayed creatures while we search for their forever homes, and the adult Industry is what pays for their medical care. Shame on you!
On a slightly different note, If it weren’t for the constant fight that the Porn Industry is engaged in, you (Shelley) might have lost the free speech rights that afford you the platform to spew your venom. What or who would you even be if you didn’t have the industry to hate so much, and who would even hear you? We are your entire identity.
Honestly, you should just say thank you to the Porn Industry and be about your way.
Julia Ann

Mr Wonderful & Mr Whiteacre

Alex Chance, Kiki Daire and Sam Phillips

Garrett Lubben watches impotently

See Pink Cross co-founder Garrett Lubben caught in his own lies: