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Beware These Shelley Lubben SCAM Fundraisers

Having cheated on her husband for the umpteenth time, shacked up with a homeless ranch-hand, pressed dubious criminal charges against both, alienated and abandoned her own family, and with no viable skills or sources of income to fund her hefty alcohol, weed and prescription drug diet, what's a self-described "hustler" and "con artist" like Shelley Lubben to do?

Answer: Try to work the rubes one more time via GoFundMe.

First, we have this fundraiser, created way back on January 27, 2015, entitled "Adult Con Outreach". The actual name of the event is "AdultCon", but in hindsight, Shelley's rendering of it is more true to her intentions.

Here's what Shelley says the money is needed for:

A quick side note: Lubben doesn't live in Santa Barbara, she lives out in the sticks of Springville, Calif., 210 miles away.

Now, I don't recall whether Lubben and her gang actually attended the 2015 AdultCon in Los Angeles, but if they did, they obviously didn't need this money to do so.  But regardless of whether they attended or not, seeing as how Pink Cross Foundation was officially shut down in February 2016 -- nine months ago at press time -- why the heck is this fundraiser still in place?

The good news is, potential donors seem to have asked themselves the same question; the page has only seen a $10 increase in the last nine months:

Now this second Lubben fundraising scam is my favorite, for it gives us another glimpse into the workings of her wine-soaked diabolical mind.

This one, far less successful than its predecessor, was created on May 12, 2015, which coincided with her move to a new property in Springville, Calif.  It was originally entitled "Shelley's Birthday Wish", and we previously reported on it here.

Well, two birthdays came and went; Pink Cross is, like the snows of yesteryear, gone from the face of the earth, and yet the fundraiser remains online.

Even better, Lubben has, in recent months, had to sell her own clothes and household items to make ends meet. And without an anti-porn operation to promote, how the hell could she be planning a trip to the UK? The only trip Shelley's likely to be going on anytime soon is one to the state penitentiary. And a months-long search of UK speaking gigs for the disgraced "rebel prophet" turned up nothing.

However, the most interesting part is this: whilst the fundraiser was originally posted by Lubben on behalf of Pink Cross Foundation, she has since altered it to read "on behalf of Garrett Lubben."

Garrett is her ex-husband, against whom she has pressed dubious legal charges and who sought a protective order against her. Mr. Lubben has gone on record to state in no uncertain terms that he and his daughters want no ties to Shelley whatsoever. In fact, he had no idea that his name was on this fundraiser until we informed him on November 21, 2016. In other words, "on behalf of Garrett Lubben" is another Shelley Lubben lie, and likely one meant to somehow ensnare her ex in more of her nonsensical schemes.

Once a con artist, always a con artist. That's our Shelley.

UPDATE -- Nov 26, 2016:

Both campaigns have been pulled from GoFundMe. The webpage for each now looks like this:
A source indicates that the monies collected will be returned to the donors.

The Strange Case of Pink Cross Foundation's Sal Mckvey - UPDATED

The adult entertainment industry has its fair share of oddballs at its fringes, but in terms of pure weirdness, few reach the zenith that the character known as Sal Mckvey aka Sal Amaya has.

Sal Mckvey
Sal's first blip on porno radar came more than a decade ago, in 2005, when the members of adult forum XXXPornTalk (XPT) discovered him...

It was soon discovered that Sal was posting PRs about himself...

Some appeared suspiciously like cribbed news items about actual adult biz personalities, such as photographer Suze Randall.

Suze's daughter, Holly, recognized Sal:

The fantasyland PRs continued...

With that one, it was proven that Sal was cribbing other people's accomplishments and honors and simply changing their name and company to his:
Despite having been outed, Sal kept up this practice for a while...

Here's Sal's 'bio' circa 2006:

I am Sal Mckvey Also Known as Bobby Jones.. I am an Adult Nude Model, Also a new XXX starlet. I have appeared in counntless Adult Videoclips, & in tons of Photoshoots. Like my friend Devyn Devine says, we want to prove to the world that you do't have to be a skinny, implanted woman or be a hot guy to make it in this business. I love sex, and meeting people, and I love to have tons of fun.. I love my fans. I am so thankful to you everyday. Without fans, Sal Mckvey is no one. Thanks for checking out myspace profile! I’m really excited to have a place to keep in touch with all the cool people and people i know for a long time... Sal Mckvey" Bobby Jones" here at my site, thanks for visiting me!!! You guys better come back now, or even just stay for a little while, i have a lot to offer, ill be a good idea if u stick around!! 

From 2007 on XPT:

A 2008 post by Mckvey 

But where were Sal's porn scenes? People on porn forums had been enquiring about them for years.

And therein lay the problem: to date, I remain unaware of any available Sal Mckvey porn scenes or clips. There exists no evidence that he was ever a performer at all.

Sal was clearly a legend in his own mind. He even had, at one time, a site called Sal posted there until at least December 2011; through the magic of WayBackMachine, we can still glimpse his vision of himself:

One post read:

hello people this is porn star sal mckvey… Im back!!!!! THE LATIN KING OF EROTICA IS BACK…..IM BACK AND GOING NOWHERE


Along came a spider

In the fall of 2012, Sal, having failed conclusively at making a name for himself in the adult world, followed in the footsteps of other personalities on porn's fringe -- he signed on with Shelley Lubben and Pink Cross Foundation.

Ironically, Mckvey's name had been mentioned in a Shelley Lubben thread on XPT in 2008

When Lubben first announced Sal’s endorsement of Pink Cross, Sal told a friend that he’d been out of porn for two years, and his only job was “helping out” at the office of a Los Angeles area church. At that time, however, Sal’s Twitter account still retained mentions of “private shows,” and his Twitter and Facebook both featured pics of him in lascivious poses, sucking on a dildo...

...and in one instance, sucking on a penis.
Online, Sal's photos still featured him in full make-up and dressed (unconvincingly) as a woman — and in fact some of the close-up pics on his Facebook profile were actually stolen shots of female porn star Mercedes Ashley! [NSFW link] 
After Lubben was ribbed about all this online, Sal’s social media accounts were quickly scrubbed.

Although an actual porn career had eluded him, Shelley Lubben had made Mckvey an ex porn star.

Sal and Shelley Lubben. Source: YouTube screenshot
Sal and Shelley Lubben. Source: YouTube screenshot
Lubben posted a "testimony" in his name:

I have done photo shoots with some of the world’s most popular female porn stars and they, too, have to do drugs to get through a scene. Behind the scenes they are not happy. All of us adult stars hide behind our persona when we are on camera but when the camera is done filming, we go home and we are miserable.
I’m just really sick of the drama and drugs in porn. I will no longer spread my legs for the porn industry. I want out and I want to live a normal life. I want to find out who I really am without porn. I don’t want to be that porn character anymore. And I really feel if I don’t get out soon, that I will die. 
I know God has something better for me.
I know God has chosen me to be a better person. 
I hope my story helps you if you are considering doing porn. Porn has done nothing for me except destroy my life and I have nothing to show for my years in porn except a lot of pain.
Lubben added a plea for donations as a tag to Sal's "story":

Sal is now attending ministry school at Victory Outreach. He found a good job. He has never worked a normal job since he was sold into gay porn as a minor. So, please pray God would bless him in his new job. He really needs assistance with rent and living expenses while he heals from porn and attends ministry school and works a new job. He really needs a lap top for school. If you can help Sal, please donate at or mail your donation to:
Pink Cross Foundation . . . .
Thank you for caring about this precious man!
*Please pray for Sal as he continues to heal. Thank you for caring!
To the extent that Sal was ever in porn, he certainly left without having to be rescued by Lubben. What did Sal say he received from Lubben? Love, support and prayers – no mention of Lubben “rescuing” him out of porn or of having provided any financial assistance or valuable resources. She cheered him on in the "recovery" he undertook on his own.

Santa's little helper
But Mckvey was, in many respects, the perfect Pink Cross spokesperson: a straight-faced liar and delusional fraud who was accustomed to getting his picture taken with adult stars at convention appearances, and pretending they illustrated a close personal "connection".

It was but a short jump from this...

...and this...

...and this...

... and this...

to this:

Lubben saw his potential and, in July 2013, named him leader of a brand new Pink Cross Chapter in the San Fernando Valley.

The Strange Case of Pink Cross Foundation's Sal Mckvey

Aside from a Facebook page, and a booth at a peace march in October 2014, not much was heard about PCF/SFV again.

The return of Sal Mckvey

A suspicious "fan page" for Sal popped up in Nov. 2014 which went out of its way to warn visitors:



Sal gives himself away, of course:
Remember, Sal was at this time actively supporting Shelley Lubben's anti-porn group and decrying his [alleged] experiences in and around adult entertainment.

In 2015, The Lubbens relocated to Springville, CA, and her husband Garrett was arrested twice  within 30 days for domestic battery and resisting/obstructing a peace officer. His trial date has been set for February 29, but may be continued until a later date.

In January 2016, a bloated Shelley Lubben announced via iPhone video that she had shut down the Pink Cross Foundation:

The Pink Cross website landing page now directs visitors to her personal website -- through which she is still available for paid bookings.

But what happened to Sal?

Meet Mercedes...
Sal Mckvey, February 2016
Sal, noticeably more svelte, says he is undergoing surgical transition to become a woman, and has selected the name Mercedes.
Sal also says that, although he still speaks to Shelley, he is no longer affiliated with her. According to Sal, Shelley made about $80,000 off of him through Pink Cross, and all Pink Cross paid for was his tummy tuck and the removal of fat from his arms.
Who could think of a better use of Pink Cross Foundation donors' money than a tummy tuck and liposuction for Sal Mckvey?

Pink Cross Foundation's Sal Mckvey and Shelley Lubben

UPDATE: November 2016

From Sal's Facebook page. Meet Mercedes?

Shelley Lubben Incurs Moving Costs To Springville, Simultaneously Launches GoFundme To Help ‘Girls’

Shelley Lubben, the pill-popping “rebel prophet” of anti-porn is on the move.

There are some who say that God has a plan for us all. Others believe that God, if He exists, is more akin to a kid with an ant farm. Me, I’m just fascinated by coincidences.

Take this set of circumstances, for instance: Shelley Lubben, the disgraced “rebel prophet” of anti-porn, places her Bakersfield, Calif. McMansion on the market, and purchases a new home on 13.73 acres in Springville at the very same time that she launches a GoFundMe drive so she can supposedly “continue to help those affected by porn” (whatever that means).
We have urgent financial needs and need YOUR help. This amount is a fraction of what is needed but we trust God to provide and pray those who have been helped by Pink Cross will donate even the smallest amount. ANY gift over $15 will get a FREE Pink Cross bracelet sent to them (continential [sic] U.S. only)  as a thank you. These are brand new never seen before [sic] bracelets.
We have girls waiting to receive services that we cannot afford to give. PLEASE help. $20 would help get the resources in the right hands of 2 different girls.
Now maybe the timing doesn’t sound suspicious on the face of it… until you realize that a veritable swarm of survivors of Pink Cross Foundation (a group that has accomplished absolutely nothing in terms of inhibiting the adult business across the globe) have gone on record to reveal that Shelley Lubben does not spend donations in any significant way on anything but her own needs. (For instance, see hereherehere and here.)
The author with Shelley Lubben, January 2011.
I’ve been researching Shelley for nearly five years, and have yet to find a single person who can show that Lubben ever bestowed them with anything of value. On the contrary, the consensus is that her charity drives are designed to glorify and enrich only the herself. The group’s tax returns certainly seem to bear this out.
Here’s a shot from Shelley Lubben’s new GoFundMe page:
Note: unlike Shelley and Garrett Lubben, we blur out the faces of minors

Set aside for a moment that the fundraiser has, obviously, not received much support (only $268 out of $5,000), and just take a look at the photo. Clearly the pic is intended to illustrate the breadth of the individuals attached to the organization. The problem is, however, of the 10 people pictured, two are its operators, Shelley and Garrett; three have fled the group and blown the whistle on the Pink Cross scam (April Garris, back row, far left; Michelle Avanti, front row far left; and Melanie Dzierba, second from right); two are children (Lubben’s and Dzierba’s); and the remaining two men have absolutely nothing to do with the adult business.
That leaves Jan Meza (aka Jan Villarubia), the BBW standing between Avanti and Shelley Lubben. Jan under the name Elizabeth Rollings, shot a handful of BBW porn scenes from 2006-2007 — including such instantly forgettable titles as The World’s Biggest Fattest Cream Pie Gang Bang.
From ‘Big Boned’
Lubben promotes Meza as one of her great success stories, yet in 2009, Lubben wrote performer Sierra Sinn about how Meza was doing as a “rescued” member of Pink Cross Foundation:
It’s real hard for Jan and her family right now too. She has three kids and they live on a military pay which is nothing, and they are donating plasma just to make it.
All the girls who left porn are all struggling but it is building their character and they are learning to trust in God and He continues to bless them and help them.
Jan was the first donor on Shelley’s GoFundMe page. Her comment says it all:

I’m reminded of a scene in Pygmalion / My Fair Lady, because in Jan’s world, $5 is quite a tidy sum. As this shot of her Las Vegas picnic with her apparently mentally challenged husband Carlitos illustrates, $5 is equivalent to approximately eight packages of Villarubia family luncheon meat.

That’s quite a sacrifice.

Real Property

Back in 2012, the Lubbens sold their first home in Bakersfield (which, like all her subsequent residences, doubled as the “offices” of Pink Cross Foundation.
Lubben prayed there in her inimitable way.

She also enjoyed putting porn star-style make-up on toddlers…
…and issuing heavenly commands in her backyard (her neighbors must’ve loved this):

Ahh, good times.
The house had been purchased for around $300,000, and they made approximately $50,000 or more in improvements to the place, but disgrace came to the Lubbens’ door. Lubben lost her ticket to mainstream press attention, Michael Weinstein of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, who unceremoniously dumped Lubben because she had become “a lightning rod for criticism” due to her lies and “outrageous behavior.”

This behavior reached its apex on the night of April 26, 2011. With her husband, Garrett, home in Bakersfield, Lubben attended a Burbank Porn Star Karaoke benefit clad in an extremely revealing strapless dress. Witnesses reported that Lubben made an inordinate number of trips to the ladies room, and acted intoxicated and manic.
So, in 2012 the Lubbens took a bath on the Elias Ave. house when they listed it at $189,000 – which was about 40 grand below its 2010 market value.

Nonetheless, the operators of the nonprofit Pink Cross Foundation saw blue skies ahead, and moved in to a new, larger “McMansion” home in Bakersfield that they purchased for approximately $480,000.
Here are some photos of that house on Championship Way as it appeared at the time the Lubbens purchased it:
Side view, January 2012

Aerial view, 2012
There’s no question in my mind that one of the reasons the Lubbens moved there was the street name “Championship Way”. Lubben was trained by a mini-Joel Osteen named Kevin Gerald at the Champions Centre in Tacoma, Wash. after she moved there with Garrett, her former drug dealer in the 1990s.  Shelley has (insanely) remarked that her old house sitting on Elias Ave bolsters her claim that she is the reincarnated Prophet Elijah, so there’s no way she could have ignored the symbolism.
Here’s the pool at the Championship Way property under construction in the summer of 2013:
And here are photos showing the property as it currently looks, from their recent real estate listing, and other sources. Notice the many tens of thousands of dollars worth of construction and landscaping, including the installation of a waterfall/fountain, a large pool and spa, and [rented] solar panels on the roof:
The room of unspeakable horrors
Front of the house

Shelley Lubben at her second Bakersfield address, with an unlucky lop

Then, misfortune struck. Some might call it divine justice. Not long after moving into their big, costly new spread, Garrett was dumped by his long-time employer.
Garrett, reminded of the feel of Shelley’s mighty 8-foot staff between his buttocks.
With mainstream interest in her hysterical anti-porn spiel dwindling, the Lubbens attempted teaching sex ed to seniors on the Cracker Barrel circuit to little success. Eventually, the couple decided to sell their Bakersfield money pit.

Their ridiculous original listing price was $815,000:
With no takers, they kept dropping their asking price:
According to Google Alerts, on the same day as this most recent price drop, the Lubbens signed the deed on their new place in Tulare County’s Springville, Calif., population 1000. Sadly this leaves fewer opportunities for toilet papering nearby homes.

Their new digs also lie about an hour north of Bakersfield — which is to say it’s 2 1/2 hours north of porn valley, the area Lubben has ludicrously called her “mission field”.
As you can see, the Lubbens got the new spread for a song, compared to their most recent digs:

Looks like they’ll be saving a bundle on property taxes too:
Here are some pics from the new property listing:

I’m guessing another costly remodeling job is coming…

I’m certain we’ll be seeing remodeling pics from Shelley as fundraisers to help those poor “girls” who’ve been “affected by porn” continue.
This post would not have been possible without the generous contributions of Dr. Cindi Spiegler.
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