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Shelley Lubben Now Resides in Springville, Calif. 'Tweaker House'

SPRINGVILLE, Calif -- In a development that would be stunning if it related to anyone but Shelley Lubben, the disgraced anti-porn crusader now resides at the local Springville dope house belonging to a man who killed someone win August and got stabbed about a week ago.

Shelley Lubben Now Resides in Springville, Calif. 'Tweaker House'

Shelley Lubben's previous home burned to the ground in a drug lab explosion on March 16, 2018.

Multiple sources confirm that Shelley Lubben moved into the two-story house across the street from a restaurant called Cowpuncher’s Cafe in September.

It was at that house that Lubben was served with a restraining order by her ex-husband on October 7. A court date of Oct 16 has been set in that matter.

Cowpuncher's Cafe in Springville, Calif

The house on Highway 190 is where Lubben's barfly friend Jana Hougen lives with a man named David Alan Baker.

As one source told me, "It is a green two-story house across the street from the Cafe. It has always been a known tweaker house, apparently Section 8 housing. As long as I can remember tweakers have lived there."

The property is a single family home built in 1913 on a 8,898 sq ft lot. It was last sold for $197,000 in May 2005.

"It’s a known Section 8 tweaker house. People are in and out of there allllll day long," the source said.

Another source reported,

"There has been a lot of drama with Jana. Two guys got into a fight over her right in front of Cowpuncher’s over a month ago and one hit his head on the ground and died. His name was Sean Campbell."

Baker allegedly punched him, "and he hit the concrete and went kuplurk," a source reported. 

Shelley hadn’t yet moved in there. At the time of her boyfriend Joe Valley’s court hearing on Sept. 14, Shelley was still moving her stuff in.

So, David Baker hit a guy which ended up killing him, and then a few weeks after that he got stabbed by somebody at Gifford’s market. He is now in jail. While he is in jail, Shelley moved in to his house. 

David Baker was charged with felony Burglary and Robbery in April 2017, and pleaded 'No Contest' to felony charges of Domestic Violence, as well as misdemeanor narcotic use in December of that year.

Baker has a lengthy criminal history and has been a felon since at least 2004.

Jana Hougen filed Domestic Violence charges against Baker in 2017. Shelley Lubben's new home was then as now Baker's address, according to court documents.

Baker is now facing other charges and has a court date set for October 23, 2018 in Porterville.

Shelley Lubben's boyfriend Joe Valley is due back in a Porterville court October 12 for sentencing in the hit-and-run DUI killing of cyclist Octavio Munguia in 2017, while on the way to Shelley Lubben's ranch home.

Shelley Lubben's cell phone was found in the vehicle that killed Munguia.

'Heartbroken' Shelley Lubben Goes Out Drinking with Gal Pal While Boyfriend Joe Valley Sits in a Visalia Jail

Shelley Lubben is practically joined at the hip by a colorful area woman named Jana Hougen. Think of her as part drinking buddy, part 'girl Friday'... and part something else.

Jana Hougen

Porterville, Calif. -- Shelley Lubben's live-in boyfriend Joe Valley was arrested Tuesday Nov. 7, 2017 after he allegedly struck and killed a 51-year old cyclist less than 2 miles from the Lubben ranch property.

Since that date, Lubben, a disgraced anti-porn crusader and family values minister, has been composing sad but vague social media posts such as:

Can't sleep. Brokenhearted. Someday I will talk about the devastation. But let me tell you GOD IS GOOD!

Well, grieving time appears to be over -- tonight, December 28, Shelley and her bff Jana Hougen were out at boozing it up at local watering hole, The Antlers Roadhouse.

Of all the gin joints...

If the bar sounds familiar, that may be because the Antlers is the spot where Shelley's boyfriend, Joe Valley was seen drinking on the day of the fatal crash that took the life of Octavio Munguia

The Antlers, located at 30990 Highway 190 in Porterville, stands 16 miles down the road from the collision site. 

Shelley and Joe were known to frequent the bar; according to a source, they would drink "a lot" and "she would dance like a stripper."

Locals also report that Hougen was once 86'd from the bar.  Jana and a girlfriend "were all over every male in the bar, begging for drinks," says one witness.

Multiple sources in Porterville confirm Jana and Shelley are inseparable. One told me, "She is always with Shelley, all the time."

Shelley Lubben visited the bar with Jana in tow on Nov. 13,  and "acted surprised" to learn that Joe had already been drinking before he arrived. She then announced to the room that he had stolen her card to buy the drink they served him before cutting him off.

Yet, somehow it took Shelley nearly a week to investigate.

The Antlers Roadhouse

The company you keep

So, who is Jana Hougen?

Well, she turned 39 on Nov. 1, and she has spent some time in nearby Visalia. 

Ex-adult performer and Pink Cross Foundation survivor Michelle Avanti recalls, "When I worked in the bars in [Visalia] long long ago she was 86'd out of them too. A drunk."

Huge also uses the monikers JanaDoll and SweetJanaDoll -- and she has a profile on this website:

Jana seeks a Sugar Daddy, ages 30 - 90. Basically, if you've got a wallet and a pulse, you're in.

She also has an interesting PhotoBucket page, where she has posted tpics such as these:

Yes, the best friend of an alcoholic anti-porn and anti-sex work crusader -- not to mention pastor -- is a sugar baby and reputed bar fly who's fond of some interesting memes.

Now toss in the following comment left here on this site:

I have confirmed that Stan Atkinson was indeed the first foreman at the Lubben property in Springville, and that the Lubbens did fire him.

Shelley is expected to take the witness stand in at least one criminal proceeding in January. Looks like she might be in for some interesting questions.

This story just keeps getting better and better.