Shelley Lubben's brother tells her "I don’t believe a word that comes out of your mouth"

It’s my understanding you contacted mom yesterday through email to warn her of a ‘dangerous’ pornographer who is ‘stalking’ you? It’s also my understanding you are claiming he threatened your life? Do you have any documented proof to substantiate your claims – dangerous, stalking, threatening life? If so, please forward it to me so I can see it for myself.
I need to correct you on a few things.
1) I didn’t fall for anything. 2) Michael Whiteacre didn’t contact me. 3) I contacted him. 4) I do not have a partnership with him, support pornography, did not sign a contract, receive payment or been given any special gifts or incentives. 5) My intent is to provide factual information of your past, our parents and my experience as your brother. This is information you have almost entirely left out of your book, tv interviews and Internet documentation. 6) I have made it very clear to Michael that I do not support pornography but I do support the truth being made public since so much untruth has been spread by you.
You are using a Christian platform to spread lies about our parents and your past so it seemed only fitting for me to use a secular one to spread the truth.
I want you to know that I am not ‘mad’ at you, I am furious with you. I’m not the one ‘dragging’ our whole family into the public spotlight. You have done an excellent job of that yourself. I have spoken many times to this man over the phone and he is not a psychopath. If anything he works with porn but he is coherent and concise in all of the information he gives; I cannot say the same about you. I have seen numerous videos of you on youtube where you are incoherent and belligerent. It is very reminiscent of the way you were 20 years ago.
I’m sorry Shelley but I don’t believe a word that comes out of your mouth. This is not because I’m being influenced by a ‘psychotic pornographer’. I have known you my entire life and you are a master manipulator. You once said I was ‘secretly jealous of you’—you don’t know how wrong you are. I feel sorry for you and hope one day you get the help you so desperately need.
Originally published October 6, 2011 at: