Shelley Lubben: Woman of God and Owner of Signed Boobs

Anti-porn advocate Shelley Lubben has her surgically enhanced breast signed by porn star Ron Jeremy

On the night of April 26, 2011, while her husband, Garrett, was home in Bakersfield, Christian anti-porn evangelist Shelley "the rebel prophet" Lubben attended a Burbank Porn Star Karaoke (PSK) benefit clad in an extremely revealing strapless dress. Witnesses reported that Lubben made an inordinate number of trips to the ladies room, and acted intoxicated and manic.
Blotto in Burbank

A photographer caught Lubben having her surgically enhanced breast signed by Ron Jeremy, the hirsute porn legend famous for being able to suck his own penis, outside the bar’s toilet – and later that night she placed the winning auction bid for a “date” with him. One witness at PSK reported, “There was something decidedly WRONG with her that night. She bid $400, then $500, then $600 on the Ron Jeremy date without intervening bids.”

Cell phone videos from that night showed Lubben dancing lasciviously, and hanging on Jeremy outside Sardo’s Bar with her pupils dilated.

Check out Lubben's stripper hair moves: