Shelley Lubben Sex Scandal !! -- Lubben vs. Lubben

The Fall of the House of Lubben:

Adultery! Wild Charges! Divorce! Guns! Paranoia! Photos and new twists emerge in the Shelley Lubben saga.

I recently received the following email concerning our favorite anti-porn charlatan:

I will keep names out of this but i have worked for shelley for years and i have been to the "Lubben Ranch" and worked for shelley lubben and a man named joe. i was not aware of garrett going to jail until poeple around town were talking. i was introduced to this ranch hand/ foreman as the boyfriend of shelley lubben. i did some work for her, for which i was never payed, [sic] but the man she was living with i guess she called the cops for a domestic disturbance and he was arrested some time around the christmas holidays.

i snapped these pics off of shelleys laptop when she was outside. all i know is that they seemed to be in love and his name is Joe[. He's] locked up in porterville or tulare and he's originally from bakersfield. also she uploaded some videos of him on her facebook. in your story i would like to let shelley know i have been working for her for years. and she needs mental help oh and her husband is a good lover :)

Along with the message came the following two photos:

Shelley Lubben Sex Scandal -- Lubben vs.Lubben Divorce Case

Shelley Lubben Sex Scandal -- Lubben vs.Lubben Divorce case

Research indicates that "Joe" is Joseph Valley, aged 27, and that he was arrested by Tulare County Sheriffs early on Christmas morning, 2015, at the "Lubben Ranch".  

His bail was set at $50,000, which he has been unable to pay.

Mommy Wasn't Kissing Santa Claus

Garrett Lubben cuckolded by wife Shelley Lubben and Joseph Valley
Garrett, cuckolded no more

Shelley's husband, Garrett Lubben, was working on the road doing sales for his new company, with a home base in Bakersfield to watch the couple's two daughters -- so the youngest won't have to change schools -- while Shelley was in Springville getting real cozy with Joe the ranch hand in the love nest where Shelley had Garrett arrested TWICE in 2015 under dubious circumstances.

Sources says that the May-December romance began in the summer of 2015, not long after the Lubbens purchased the property and hired some workers, including Joe, to get it into shape.

Did Garrett walk in on something?

And why is Joe in jail? 

Wouldn't you know it, Shelley called in yet another DV case to the Tulare County Sheriffs.

UPDATE: It turns out her original claims were worse than that. See here

How Green Was My Valley?

Joe Valley does indeed hail from Bakersfield, where he had a few minor criminal cases, including:

Many of the charges against Valley suggest that he has been homeless and panhandling from time to time. The arrest log for the 2011 battery case lists his profession as "dishwasher".

Since the Springville "Lubben Ranch" is deeded in both Shelley and Garrett's names, it will be interesting indeed to see how this all shakes out at Garrett's upcoming trial in Porterville in April.

Now what could have set off this chain of events?

Perhaps the answer lies here:

On Oct. 13, 2015, five days after being arrested a second time at Shelley's "Ranch", Garrett filed for a legal separation in Bakersfield.

Did Garrett walk in on something?

Shelley Lubben Sex Scandal -- Lubben vs.Lubben Divorce case
SOURCE: Kern County Superior Court website

Today, March 14, Garrett amended his petition to Dissolution of Marriage (divorce).

Joe Valley is scheduled for release on March 22.

UPDATE (March 22): Joe Valley has been released from custody, his sentence served.

UPDATE (March 24): Shelley has been served with Garrett's divorce papers.

The way of Peace

Shelley Lubben Sex Scandal -- Lubben vs.Lubben Divorce case
SOURCE: Kern County Superior Court website

Over on Facebook, Shelley doesn't seem all that upset . . . and blames porn for her marital problems. Really.

Shelley, no one asked you to fight porn. Oh that's right. . . God almighty woke you up on the middle of the night and appointed you prophet in charge of eradicating porn (and if so, you failed conclusively, as did -- by extension -- God, which of course makes no sense).

Nice that you "hope people were helped." I'm pretty sure if anyone was helped it was purely accidental.

"We"? Who's "we"? Garrett filed on you after the aforementioned series of events.

FYI for readers: here is the divorce process in California:

UPDATE (March 29) Shelley inches closer to Branch Davidian / Jonestown-level paranoia:

Shelley Lubben's pink handgun

Shelley Lubben with AR-15
The mismatched, clashing plaids are a bonus.

Be vewy vewy quiet...

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  1. Anger, Greed, Ego, Lust and Attachment are Satan! Satan is not a living being; it's the devilish nature that we enliven. Porn is the worst weapon of Satan! Porn reduces the mind, degrades the self and depreciates life! Beware of Porn!