After Drug Lab Fire Destroys Her Home, Shelley Lubben Tries to Dismiss Criminal Housemates as Next-Door Neighbors

Disgraced anti-porn crusader and self-described "professional liar" Shelley Lubben thinks the Tulare County Sheriffs are stupid. As someone who has discussed this case with them, I can assure her they are not.

Shelley Lubben resided at the "Lubben Ranch" on Balch Park Road in Springville, Calif since the spring of 2015. It was her only residence.

I say "was" because on March 16, 2018 the residence on the property exploded and burned to the ground following what authorities have determined to have been a drug lab fire.

The Tulare County Sheriffs issued the following news release:

On 03/16/18 at approximately 0700 hours, Detectives from the Marijuana Investigation Team responded to a residential structure fire located on the 45000 block of Balch Park Road, Springville due to the suspicious nature of the fire.  
During the investigation, is was determined the fire was caused by an illegal “Honey Oil” lab.  The residence was completely destroyed by the fire.  A 36-year-old male and a 1-year-old male infant suffered severe burns and were airlifted for medical treatment.  Tulare County Fire Prevention Staff assisted with the investigation and evidence was collected at the scene.

The residence on the property -- singular, as in ONE residence -- was comprised of two structures that were completely connected.

These were not adjoining homes, they were unified as one residence.


Here is an overhead view of the house before the blaze:

All that remains standing now is the detached garage

This is a front view of the residence:

The identical view, after the fire:

When Shelley Lubben placed the property on the market, this was how her realtor's listing described it:

A single-family house

Note: The "single-family" property contains "two separate but connected homes" and will "make a family very, very happy."  Not neighbors; a family. 

And the property is only one address. One property, one residence, one address.

Finally, the in-home washer and dryer were located on the side of the house that housed the drug lab, meaning Shelley Lubben had to have access to that side of the house.

After transferring title of the property to a convicted drug offender named Sirjoe Carmona last year (under odd circumstances -- no bank or title company was involved, just a promissory note to Shelley Lubben from Carmona), Shelley remained at the property as a "tenant".

Lubben has no job, no investments, no pension, and receives no alimony. How exactly did she pay rent?

It stands tom reason that she had to be providing something of value -- services if not money -- in exchange for a place to live.

According to the mother of her boyfriend Joe Valley, there has been an active marijuana grow operation on the property for some time. And wouldn't you know it, running an illegal grow operation is precisely what Carmona was charged with previously.


In the wake of the drug lab fire, and following my sharing of Shelley Lubben's connection to it, Lubben has launched a campaign of disinformation in order to try to distance herself from it.

She now claims, with a straight face, that she had no idea what was going on under her own roof.

Even more, she says that the people who caused the fire were her "neighbors" who lived "next door".

This one is my personal favorite:

Ignoring the likelihood that God hates her: this is as close to a lightning bolt laying waste to one's house as one can get.

Okay, so let's recap:

People who lived under Shelley Lubben's roof, were running a hash oil lab that used marijuana grown on the same property, and had blacked out their windows. . .  How is any reasonable person supposed to believe that Shelley Lubben (who smokes marijuana heavily and had a medical marijuana card when it was still required in California) had NO IDEA what was going on in THE RESIDENCE SHE SHARED with drug 'chefs' on a property currently deeded to a man who has run an illegal marijuana grow operation?

Does anyone actually believe that the people she lived with never talked her?

If you shared a house with someone, would you call them your next-door neighbors? Of course you wouldn't.


Now homeless and penniless, and with a family she has driven away through years of misdeeds, Shelley Lubben has her own online fundraising campaign launched by one of her (semi-literate) followers.

Here is a woman who claims to have helped many thousands of people; who says she is beloved for all her wonderful deeds.  So, how's the fundraiser going?

All this time and only 27 shares, yielding a mere $330.  My electric, water and gas bills totaled more than that this month.

Compare that to this fundraiser, launched on the very same crowdfunding site, related to a man who passed away the night of March 24 (only two days ago at press time). 

Barry Wood worked in the porn business as a performer and cameraman for decades and was actually loved by the people who met him.

It would appear that more and more people now see through Shelley Lubben, and that the last remnants of her tattered reputation also went up in smoke on Balch Park Road.

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