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"I Will F@cking Kill You": Hear Shelley Lubben Threaten a Springville Woman; ARREST Warrant Imminent as D.A. Picks Up the Case

Springville, Calif -- On February 3, 2019, disgraced anti-porn crusader and notorious pill-popping drunkard Shelley Lubben violated a court order to issue criminal threats against a local woman, including vows to file false charges with Child Protective Services (CPS) as well as a death threat.

Here is a recording of that profanity-laced telephone call:

Note that Shelley Lubben brags about working "with the FBI" -- something that no one who actually works with the FBI would ever, or could ever, reveal.

The victim in this case is a local single mom who had once lived under the same roof as Shelley Lubben -- before Lubben was kicked out of the house for "erratic behavior and constant drinking." Ms. Lubben currently resides in a Lemon Cove, Calif. trailer park.

The victim has since received a temporary restraining order against Lubben, and the Tulare County District Attorney has picked up the felony Criminal Threat case. An arrest warrant is expected to be issued soon.

In related news, a separate three-year restraining order (the maximum permitted under California law) was issued against Shelley Lubben on January 29 in Tulare Superior Court. Lubben did not appear in court that day, but had been served with the civil harassment Temporary Restraining Order while she drank at the Antlers Roadhouse Thursday afternoon, January 3.

The order was granted after another local woman (then housemate of the woman whose life was threatened by Shelley Lubben) petitioned the court on behalf of herself and her 13-year old daughter, detailing "continuous and ongoing" threats and harassment since Lubben was told to leave their premises in November due to her "erratic behavior and constant drinking".

The Petition and supporting documentation filed Jan. 2 by the Springville woman also alleged incidences of theft, vandalism, trespassing, intimidation, and driving under the influence by Shelley Lubben.

Constant drinking

While claiming to be a Christian minister of the gospel, as well as a holy prophet, Ms. Lubben has publicly asserted that she has been sober -- and miraculously cured of all her physical and mental infirmities -- for nearly two decades.

It is notable that Shelley Lubben was served at a bar just one day after she told a Bakersfield court that she had the flu and was too ill to attend the proceeding.

TRO issued and Proof of Service filed with the court.

The following statement from the victim was filed with the court along with the petition for the order against harassment. It is quite devastating. (Please excuse the quality of the following images; I don't have a document scanner where I am right now and had to rely on photographs of the pages.)

"Shelley Lubben has made threats of violence to me and threats to me through family and friends . . . . The harassment has been continuous and ongoing since she was asked to leave my residence a month ago due to her erratic behavior and constant drinking. She has caused damage to my property and [a] neighbors' because she would operate her vehicle extremely intoxicated. . . ."

The victims' statement also alludes to Lubben's New Year's Eve trespass on the grounds of the victims' home, which resulted in a report being taken by Deputy E. Lemoine of the Tulare County Sheriffs on Dec. 31 -- the third report taken by the sheriffs while investigating claims that Mrs. Lubben has trespassed, robbed and vandalized the home and/or grounds, as well as harassed and threatened the residents.

The following exhibits were filed along with the petition for the temporary restraining order. They document an extremely manipulative and downright creepy series of text messages between Lubben and her former friend's 13-year old daughter. She attamepts to bribe the minor into letting her break into her mom's house.

Along the way, Lubben also appears to acknowledge her own notorious addiction to benzodiazepine tranquilizers.

Yet another restraining order

Shelley Lubben had a third restraining order issued against her in San Diego County on February 5, and that event will be the subject of its own blog post.

Shelley Lubben's Attempt To Set Up Ex for Felony Bribery Flops; Charges Dismissed

Porterville, Calif. -- In Tulare County Superior Court Monday morning, Garrett Lubben was exonerated of all felony charges initiated by his disgruntled ex when Judge Michael B. Sheltzer ruled that the iPhone video clips directed and filmed by Shelley during her divorce negotiations with her then-husband Garrett did NOT show an attempt to bribe Mrs. Lubben.

In his analysis, the Judge cited the California criminal statute in question, Penal Code Section 137(A), which requires:
  1. any person to give or offer or promise to give a witness
  2. something of value
  3. with a corrupt intent
  4. to influence the witness' testimony
Bribery is a specific intent crime. "Corrupt intent", the judge noted, requires that the person intends to induce the other party to commit an unlawful act, such as to lie or commit perjury.

However, Judge Sheltzer pointed out, Garrett had only asked that she exonerate him -- to come clean about what had happened -- he never asked her to lie.

The court chalked up the October 31, 2015 video clips as merely a record of their separation / divorce negotiations.

Lying her ass off

Shelley Lubben, clad in a pale pink pant suit, testified hysterically that she came forward with these charges a short while after the recordings were made. She brought them to the Tulare County sheriff on May 5, 2016, which just so happens to be a week after Garrett blocked her calls and texts (which had vacillated between the two running themes of "let's work it out and be together" and "I'm gonna get you and make you pay!") 

However, on the recordings themselves Garrett clearly states that the date of recording was October 31, 2015, some six months before the jilted Shelley decided to seek vengeance on him. On the stand she initially claimed that the videos were shot between February and April of 2016, so it immediately became apparent that something was amiss.

After the time-stamped video was played in court, and its actual recording date confirmed, Shelley changed her tune:

On the recordings, Shelley can be heard off camera, shouting directions and telling Garrett what to say next.

Shelley Lubben: Witness for the Prosecution

Damning correspondence

Another important piece of evidence came to light at Monday's hearing, one which the prosecution sought unsuccessfully to have excluded: a July 2016 email from Mrs. Lubben to Garrett in which she offers to pay $5,000 toward his defense against these very felony charges once the "Lubben Ranch" is sold.

On the stand, Shelley never missed an opportunity to (unconvincingly) claim victimhood -- in this instance that she had been the victim of Garrett's manipulation, and "a domestic violence victim". Her voice slurred slightly, she also fell into the trap of answering questions about her own veracity which had not been asked, closing with a crocodile tear-laden unprompted outburst that she "would never lie in a court of law.'

Under cross examination, Shelley was belligerent, and bristled when Mr. Lubben's attorney stated the obvious -- that she had set Garrett up and used the recordings as a bludgeon when she did not get her way. In response, Shelley seemed annoyed and defaulted to her "I'm a victim" position.

Here is the full transcript of the event, as transcribed by the court reporter:

Shelley stormed out of the hearing, with boyfriend Joe Valley in tow, as soon as the judge ruled against her and tossed all charges (but before he'd even finished speaking). Lubben's request for an extended restraining order against Garrett was also denied.

Following the hearing, a jubilant Garrett Lubben addressed the case on the courthouse steps.