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Shelley Lubben is Looking for a Sugar Daddy Age 30 to 70

The woman who lost her marriage after cheating with a groundsman then tried to set up her husband of 20 years for felony bribery; who accused her boyfriend of rape and assault; whose scandal-plagued nonprofit was shuttered; whose boyfriend is now in prison for DUI vehicular homicide; whose home burned to the ground in a drug lab fire; and who is currently named in three court cases writes "I am easy going and stay away from drama."

Visalia, Calif. -- Here at The Devil And Shelley Lubben, we talk a lot about justice, but we also hope to spread peace love and joy, and -- with the Holiday Season is upon us -- some good cheer as well.

Behold disgraced anti-porn and anti-prostitution crusader Shelley Lubben's "sugaring" profiles. Sugaring, as we know, is the "wink-wink" version of prostitution. There's a legal distinction between the two, granted, but not an ethical one. In practice they are generally the same thing.

As author and sex work activist Maggie McNeill writes:
Sugaring . . . is just underpaid escorting. This isn’t to say that it’s impossible to find decent long-term patrons on Seeking Arrangement and other such platforms; I have an ad there myself, as do several of my friends, because their “no escorts” policy is a laughable smoke screen designed to hide the fact that sugaring is a form of sex work.

If you accept money for sex, even in a "sugar" context, you can be convicted of prostitution unless you and your partner are willing to lie about your arrangement. You might get off the hook if the authorities don't have any other evidence to use against you (e.g., your private messages on the sugaring site, etc.).

Sugaring sites have always been littered with sex worker profiles, and many more sex workers have turned to these sites in the wake of the government crackdown on online sex adverts.

For this reason, the government has run prostitution stings on sugaring websites.

Shelley Lubben spent the last 15 years shaming, defaming and excoriating sex workers of all shades; she made it her career and was one of many hypocrites who profited off of them while doing so.

Here are two of Shelley Lubben's known "sugar dating" profiles:

About Me
I am a beautiful and intelligent woman who is educated, has traveled the world, loves fine dining and yet I am also very adventurous and spontaneous. I'm seeking a male companion with a great personality and who is generous and loves to spoil. I love to spoil back! I love to cook, am outdoorsy but also love to glam up and enjoy a night on the town. I have three degrees and one is at a Doctorate level. I am also an author and enjoy writing books, short stories and poetry as well enjoy music and play guitar. I love to laugh and have a very dynamic personality. I am easy going and stay away from drama. I will pamper the man who pampers me. I am very generous, caring and authentic. I hope I'm what you are looking for in a beautiful woman.

What I'm Looking For
The companion I seek is someone who has similar qualities to me:
adventurous or spontaneous
loves to travel
enjoys fine dining and seeing new places
loves the finer things in life
has a sweet temperament
loves to spoil and be spoiled back
a man who is generous and classy
preferably a man who owns or runs his own business and has means
someone who will cuddle with me and who is sensual
If that's you please don't hesitate to message me

As you can see, Shelley -- who is 50 not 45, and looks far older in person -- has an unjustifiably high opinion of herself. Her self-description and moniker "realprettyblonde" remind me of one of her business cards from her porn and prostitution days in Southern California in the 1980s and 90s.

Remember all of this the next time someone tells you how Shelley Lubben is a changed woman.