Shelley Lubben Served With Restraining Order While Drinking at Springville Bar

REVEALED: Creepy text conversations between Lubben and a 13-year old girl where the disgraced anti-porn crusader sounds eerily like a child predator

Shelley Lubben Served With Restraining Order While Drinking at Springville Bar -- REVEALED: Ultra-creepy text conversations between Lubben and a 13-year old girl where the disgraced anti-porn crusader sounds eerily like a child predator

Porterville, Calif. -- Shelley Lubben was served with a civil harassment restraining order while she drank whiskey at the Antlers Roadhouse Thursday afternoon, January 3.

The order was granted after a local woman petitioned Tulare County Superior Court on behalf of herself and her 13-year old daughter, detailing "continuous and ongoing" threats and harassment since Lubben was told to leave their premises in November due to her "erratic behavior and constant drinking".

The Petition and supporting documentation filed Jan. 2 by the Springville woman also alleges incidences of theft, vandalism, trespassing, intimidation, and driving under the influence by Shelley Lubben.

Constant drinking

While claiming to be a Christian minister of the gospel, as well as a holy prophet, Ms. Lubben has publicly asserted that she has been sober -- and miraculously cured of all her physical and mental infirmities -- for nearly two decades.

It is notable that Shelley Lubben was served at a bar just one day after she told a Bakersfield court that she had the flu and was too ill to attend the proceeding.

TRO issued and Proof of Service filed with the court.

This action makes FOUR active court cases involving the disgraced anti-porn crusader and notorious pill-popping drunkard (see below).

The following statement from the victim was filed with the court along with the petition for the order against harassment. It is quite devastating. (Please excuse the quality of the following images; I don't have a document scanner where I am right now and had to rely on photographs of the pages.)

"Shelley Lubben has made threats of violence to me and threats to me through family and friends . . . . The harassment has been continuous and ongoing since she was asked to leave my residence a month ago due to her erratic behavior and constant drinking. She has caused damage to my property and [a] neighbors' because she would operate her vehicle extremely intoxicated. . . ."

The victims' statement also alludes to Lubben's New Year's Eve trespass on the grounds of the victims' home, which resulted in a report being taken by Deputy E. Lemoine of the Tulare County Sheriffs on Dec. 31 -- the third report taken by the sheriffs while investigating claims that Mrs. Lubben has trespassed, robbed and vandalized the home and/or grounds, as well as harassed and threatened the residents.

The following exhibits were filed along with the petition for the temporary restraining order. They document an extremely manipulative and downright creepy series of text messages between Lubben and her former friend's 13-year old daughter. She attamepts to bribe the minor into letting her break into her mom's house.

Along the way, Lubben also appears to acknowledge her own notorious addiction to benzodiazepine tranquilizers.

A hearing date of January 29, 2019 has been set for this case, before The Honorable Glade F. Roper.

The creepy, predator-like messages are reminiscent of the testimony of these women:

Lubben apparently went into hiding after New Year's Eve, when she was caught prowling around and trespassing the property of her ex-housemates. She no-showed at her court date in Kern County Superior Court on Wednesday afternoon, Jan 2, after informing her ex-husband's attorney that she had the flu but no doctor's note to prove it.

That ongoing case centers on Ms. Lubben's 2017 attempt to re-open her divorce case and get her hands on the Mexican timeshare property she ceded to him in their 2016 divorce.

In other words, Shelley Lubben no-showed at her own proceeding -- a hearing that was scheduled months ago after a series of continuances in the matter.

Her ex-husband's attorney told the court she believes Lubben was lying to avoid court, and it most seems clear that she was. The prevailing theory is that Lubben was afraid to show up in court, either because she will face a difficult cross examination, or because she feared being served with more legal papers.

It turns out, she had every reason to be afraid.

Multiple witnesses confirm that Lubben -- an all-day drinker who soils herself when she doesn't get her alcohol in time -- is seriously on the skids. A few days ago she arrived extremely intoxicated at a Springville cafe -- so intoxicated that they refused to serve her the alcohol she requested.

A history of harassment

In 2011, former adult performer Michelle Avanti filed for an order of protection against Shelley Lubben in Tulare County Superior Court in Visalia, and provided evidence that Lubben had begun threatening and harassing her when she fled Lubben's sham nonprofit Pink Cross Foundation and appeared in a video exposing Lubben as a manipulative, abusive addict. Official records indicate that Lubben had Pink Cross file two false complaints with Child Welfare Services, in an attempt to make Avanti lose custody of her young daughter.

Four cases in three counties

Last year, Lubben was sued for wrongful death by the family of cyclist Octavio Munguia, who was killed in a DUI hit-and-run collision with Shelley Lubben's car while her boyfriend Joe Valley was behind the wheel. The next hearing date in Tulare County Superior Court for that case is January 23.

She has also been served by her ex-husband in a harassment case in San Diego County, in which her ex and his new wife seek protection from Lubben's ongoing threats and harassment. The next court date in that case is February 5, and this author has been called to testify.

Wednesday's hearing in Kern County was continued until June 20. However, the judge stated that if Mrs. Lubben cannot provide a doctor's note, the case will be dismissed. The fact that Lubben was served with papers at a BAR the following day is a huge development.

As one can see, Shelley Lubben has quite a busy court calendar in 2019, and it's getting fuller by the day.

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